Former Wrestler Politico Comes Out Against Gays

Floridian politician Brian Blair’s the latest voice in the outcry against Day of Silence.

The annual event, which will be held on April 25th, commemorates queers who have lost life and limb as a result of anti-gay violence. This year’s will honor Lawrence King, the 15-year old whose classmate shot him in the head soon after King asked him to be his valentine.

Social conservatives are continuing their tradition of boycotting the event, as the American Family Association made clear with last month’s hateful radio ad. And now they’ve enlisted Blair, who’s running against an openly gay man, Kevin Beckner for Hillsborough County’s Commissioner seat. So, like a good little soldier, Blair, pictured on the left sent out an email of solidarity, which we’ve included below…

Via Gay Politics:

I have always believed that all citizens are equal and should be treated accordingly. On the other hand, no group of citizens should be given government sanction and support to promote their social and sexual agenda upon the rest of us and especially, our children. The attached email provides information about a “Day of Silence” for homosexuals in our schools. Considering the fact that the same school system does not want to allow just one Minute of Silence in the classroom for God, this is preposterous.

I encourage every parent of children in the participating schools to voice their opposition to this proposal to the school administration, the School Board the newspapers and to family and friends. Can you imagine asking for a “Day of Cheer for Heterosexuality?” If no action is taken to change this policy, then perhaps it is time for another surgical strike from the majority; a “Day of Abstention” from school participation might be considered.

The fact that the right’s willing to jeapordize their kid’s education to prove a backward point really sums it all up, don’t you think?

Gay Politics points out that Blair previously voted to prohibit gay pride, while Google images taught us that Blair once worked as a professional wrestler. What an eyesore!