Foul-Mouthed Anti-Gay Priest Ruins Swearing For All Church Of Sweden Clergy

Goldman Sachs isn’t the only place trying to make underlings adhere to a no-swearing policy. Members of the Church of Sweden, a Lutheran outpost, want priests to clean up their act — after one used the f-word to describe what two men do in bed together.

Dag Sandahl, a priest who opposes gay marriage, rhetorically asked fellow priest Karin Långström Vinge (who supports marriage equality), “So you think that when you fuck people you should do it up the arse?” Responded the obviously witty Långström Vinge: “He wanted to make us aware, in a provocative way, that this wasn’t just a question of marrying homosexuals, but that they also had sex with each other. As if we wouldn’t have understood that otherwise.”

But now Långström Vinge wants all priests to watch their mouths, reports The Local, and she’s introduced a motion to the general synod to force priests to pay fines for cursing. A vote will come in September, about a year after the Church paved the way for gay clergy.