Foul-Mouthed Anti-Gay Priest Ruins Swearing For All Church Of Sweden Clergy

Goldman Sachs isn’t the only place trying to make underlings adhere to a no-swearing policy. Members of the Church of Sweden, a Lutheran outpost, want priests to clean up their act — after one used the f-word to describe what two men do in bed together.

Dag Sandahl, a priest who opposes gay marriage, rhetorically asked fellow priest Karin Långström Vinge (who supports marriage equality), “So you think that when you fuck people you should do it up the arse?” Responded the obviously witty Långström Vinge: “He wanted to make us aware, in a provocative way, that this wasn’t just a question of marrying homosexuals, but that they also had sex with each other. As if we wouldn’t have understood that otherwise.”

But now Långström Vinge wants all priests to watch their mouths, reports The Local, and she’s introduced a motion to the general synod to force priests to pay fines for cursing. A vote will come in September, about a year after the Church paved the way for gay clergy.

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    Not sure of the translation transition here but am pretty confident in stating that Dag Sandahl is a fucking arse………

  • Bill

    Stay classy, heteros.

  • Anon

    This is a pretty old story.

    And “knulla” is a pretty funny word.

  • Luke

    Your description of the Church of Sweden as “a Lutheran outpost” couldn’t be further from the truth. It’s smack in the middle of the Lutheran core area and is the largest Lutheran church in the world.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @Bill: To paraphrase Obama, he’s a typical straight person.

  • axos

    You are using both å and ö, great! :)

    And please be aware that you must pronounce both k and n in knulla.

  • counterpoll

    Swedish churches are empty most Sundays. It’s a rather secular society.

    You’re basically “born” Lutheran and have to sign a paper to resign from the church, which most Swedes don’t do, just in case. [Well, that’s how it used to be, but perhaps things have changed]

    @ Axos: Knulla *is* a funny word —
    är du Svensk?—min mor är född i Göteborg o min far i Karlstad. Me? Miami!

  • axos

    @counterpoll: Church and state are now separated in Sweden – and yes, it’s mainly a secular country. We don’t have the same “cultural war” that you have in America, it exists but the “liberals” are predominant – no equivalence to Fox News here! Sandahl is considered a nutcase by most.

    Jodå, visst är jag svensk. Har ni fint väder i Miami? Kan du gå och ge Dr Conrad Murray fingret från mig? :)

  • counterpoll

    @Axos: So do Swedes still have to disenroll from the Lutheran Church? My parents’ parents did so for themselves and their off-spring. At that time Sweden was supposedly 93% Lutheren,. /I have just revealed my age-range.

    Now just for Axos: I lapse now into my pathetic Swedish: Don’t laugh at me: I think my parents call me “f**ktard” behind my back in dialect!

    Re: Murray: Ja, det ska jag göra med fingret. Han var MJ’s läkare, inte sant? Jag känner inte honom—jag är läkare också…. Jag är född i Miami men nu bor jag här i Middle West. Not a bad place at all!

  • axos

    @counterpoll: I don’t think we do – I left church when I was 15, which is a VERY long time ago. Sweden is still mostly Lutheran culturally, but we now have 500 000 Muslims as well from the Middle east and Somalia, in a country with 10 million inhabitants in all.

    Sorry, I don’t know what “f**ktard” means – or why parents would call their offspring that. You’ll have to ask them! :) Maybe it’s some innocent Swedish word that you misinterpret?

    Murray – yes, that’s the guy who killed MJ, the most incompetent doctor in America. He is presently “vacationing” in Miami, covered by the tabloids under the headlines “Fun in Florida”. It’s offensive. He didn’t just slip up, he made about five serious mistakes (if you want to call them mistakes) in a row that NO doctor in his/her right mind would do, such as frantically hiding propofol bottles instead of performing CPR on the patient. But don’t get me started…

  • counterpoll

    @ Axos So, you weren’t automatically born Lutheran? That’s progress! As discussed, my gay cousins are not ousted from their families, really no one gives a darn, and I haven’t a single relative who attends church other than for weddings or funer.als.

    @Axos: det var rãtt: I have never heard of Propofol used outside of a hospital—and even then it requires *very close* monitoring to assess critical signs: breathing, pulse, etc.

    I’m not so sure why this issue is so important to you, but I will say, regardless, that sadly it will take years to sort out the details of how that tragic episode came to pass. Whether the patient in question was famous or home-less doesn’t matter: it was irresponsible and careless.

  • axos

    I was born a Lutheran, but I think that doesn’t apply anymore til those born now.

    I’m upset by the character assasination of MJ which wenr for many years and finally broke him, by Murray’s insane actions and by the media backing him, since they can’t admit they were wrong about MJ.

    I was one of those who enjoyed and admired MJ’s genius but actually didn’t care about his nose, his sexuality or anything else personal. I didn’t want his autograph, I wasn’t a “fan”. But when he died, something happened, and I mourned him like a son. Truly. It’s utterly strange, and it happened to a lot of people who were completely lost, some of them gathering at TMZ just to have someone to talk to. But that slimy site continue to make fun of MJ, defaming him and feeling sorry for Murray, so normal sensible people are leaving.

    Sorry for the off-topic post! I won’t go there again.

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