Four Queer-Friendly Dance Songs To Get You Through Valentine’s Day

As Paul McCartney once sang “some people want to fill the world with silly love songs.” True, but not these folks. Avicii, Berlin, Company Freak and Matt Zarley have all released foot-stomping new tracks that’ll either make you and your partner want to hit the club tonight or keep your mind off Singles Awareness Day.

Scroll down to check out these four musicians and their queer-friendly videos. 

 Company Freak, “Andre Leon Talley”

We don’t want to get stuck in an elevator with the Vogue editor, but we’re totally down for dancing to this Chic-like disco anthem. As the song goes, “he’s one of a kind.” Indeed.

Matt Zarley, “Somebody 4 Everybody”

This optimistic equality anthem is the dance-y lead single from the award-winning musician’s newest album Hopeful Romantic.

Avicii, “Addicted to You”

The latest from Swedish hitmaker features vocals from Audra Mae (niece of legendary entertainer Judy Garland!) and a super-sexy video inspired by the classic film Bonnie and Clyde.

 Berlin, “Animal”

Terri Nunn and her beloved band returns with this electro scorcher and an edgy video filmed in a Los Angeles dungeon and featuring RuPaul’s Drag Race alum Raven and the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence!