Fox News “Expert” Tries To Apologize Again, Likens “Homosexual Impulses” To “Serious Psychological Impairments”

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 11.58.36 AMThe Fox News “expert” psychologist who diagnosed 22-year-old UCSB shooter Elliot Rodger with “homosexual impulses” has succumbed to her foot-in-mouth disease. After posting on Facebook that she was “misunderstood,” Dr. Robi Ludwig told the Washington Post that she’s “deeply hurt” because people now know she is homophobic.

Last weekend, Ludwig hypothesized Rodger’s admission that he killed because women would not have sex with him actually meant that he was gay, and perhaps he killed because he didn’t know how to deal with “homosexual impulses.”

As a result, Coldwell Banker fired her.

She told the WP this week that she is “deeply hurt that it was taken this way by some of the people that had heard it,” and that she’s “a little bit paranoid to say anything because my words have been so twisted.” And yet she continues to do interviews…

She also clears up the fact that she was not being “homophobic” in her assessment of Rodger. She was trying to convey that Rodger was “a very disturbed man and nobody goes on a spree like this without having serious psychological impairment and difficulties on multiple levels. That’d be true of anybody.”

So just to be clear, she doesn’t think Rodger was gay. She thinks “homosexual impulses” yield “very disturbed” men and are a “serious psychological impairment” causing “difficulties on multiple levels.”

Keep at it, “Dr.” Ludwig!