Stupid Like A Fox

Fox News Host Apologizes For Offensive Gender Identity Comment, Hell Freezes Over

A Fox News host saying something stupid is as common as a day that ends in “y,” but one host has actually exhibited signs of humanity and apologized for an offhand comment he made.

A few weeks back, Facebook announced that they were expanding their gender options, and we reported on the cruel offhand joke of host Clayton Morris that he would change his gender option to “intersex.”

The comment drew light criticism, but not the kind of widespread outrage that would force an apology.

Instead, Morris offered a genuine apology in a follow-up to the story that seems indicative of some sort of human growth and not the typical “I’m sorry if I offended anyone” non-apology that is common in these situations.

Watch the offending comment and his apology below:

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  • Larry

    Fox News offends by their very presence! They dont even need to say anything, just look at the stated goal of their Australian leader. The goal is to make money by dividing and inciting people.

  • scottso

    i love fox news i do not see anything he did was wrong at all everyone seems to be getting offended by every little thing someone says its really kind of sickening

  • DonW

    @scottso: Why am I not surprised that the commenter defending Fox News appears to be semi-literate?

  • manjoguy

    “A Fox News host saying something stupid is as common as a day that ends in “y,”… and MSNBC, CNN, NBC, ABC, NPR with their lies, distortions and coverups. That’s our American media for you. Frankly I’ll take Fox over the others.

  • Clark

    Ah, there’s that open-mindedness for you. One lone network dares to present a different opinion and the dark side goes berserk…how you can claim MSNBC or any other ‘network’ as truth or honest makes this article/opinion piece even more laughable. If the radical left wing is never “offended” on a day that doesn’t end in y I think I’d faint.

  • jmmartin

    Clayton Morris is dead inside. If he apologized it was a rare moment of self-reflection but I don’t think it particular praiseworthy.

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