Fox News Host: Gay Rights, Climate Change Not “Pressing Issues”

Too bad it’s only Monday, ’cause we have a hell of a candidate for Douche of the Week: Fox News personality Jon Scott. On this weekend’s edition of Fox News Watch, Scott addressed media coverage of the recent presidential inauguration and chided Barack Obama for not addressing the “really pressing issues”:

We heard during the inaugural address, we heard about climate change, we heard about gay rights, we heard about lots of issues but nothing much about the deficit and some of the pressing issues, you know, the really pressing issues of our time.

The Washington Post‘s Erik Wemple called Scott’s attack “a victory for consistency,” since the bobbleheads over on Faux News have been attacking Obama all week for talking about anything other than the deficit.  (You remember, the deficit—its the thing Republicans dropped in Obama’s lap and now blame him for.)

We’re not saying the economy isn’t a priority, but it’s kind of a given for any president, of either party. It almost goes without saying—unlike climate change and gay rights, which the GOP keeps insisting aren’t real.