Fox News Host: Gay Rights, Climate Change Not “Pressing Issues”

Too bad it’s only Monday, ’cause we have a hell of a candidate for Douche of the Week: Fox News personality Jon Scott. On this weekend’s edition of Fox News Watch, Scott addressed media coverage of the recent presidential inauguration and chided Barack Obama for not addressing the “really pressing issues”:

We heard during the inaugural address, we heard about climate change, we heard about gay rights, we heard about lots of issues but nothing much about the deficit and some of the pressing issues, you know, the really pressing issues of our time.

The Washington Post‘s Erik Wemple called Scott’s attack “a victory for consistency,” since the bobbleheads over on Faux News have been attacking Obama all week for talking about anything other than the deficit.  (You remember, the deficit—its the thing Republicans dropped in Obama’s lap and now blame him for.)

We’re not saying the economy isn’t a priority, but it’s kind of a given for any president, of either party. It almost goes without saying—unlike climate change and gay rights, which the GOP keeps insisting aren’t real. 


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  • 2eo

    It’s hilarious watching the GOP, it’s like the Tory party here would be like without them being officially in power like the Tories are over here.

    Austerity has failed, we are the ONLY western nation with a AAA rated economy about to go into a TRIPLE FUCKING RECESSION. America bankrolls the world and Obama is doing a marvelous job with every halfwit, [email protected], religious child molester stacked against him dismissing reality.

  • viveutvivas

    He is wrong. The one really pressing issue today, for which our descendants will curse us for a thousand years, is environmental destruction including, but not limited to, climate change. As much as it means to us, here in the West the gay rights situation is not so dire as to be even remotely comparable to the problem of climate change.

  • brent

    I resent having gay rights and global warming lumped together by anyone. Being gay is real, man made global warming is not. If liberals want to make up some green religion and worship polar bears that is there business. But do not lump it in with gay rights.

  • Merv

    Translation: Back when we could use same-sex marriage as a wedge, then it was a pressing issue. Now that we can’t do that anymore, it’s not so pressing.

  • Merv

    @brent: Is it a conspiracy, or are they simply wrong? Do you have new information to overturn the near-unanimous opinion of climate scientists who study this stuff for a living?

  • Captain proton

    @brent: You need to update your vocabulary. No one talks about global warming anymore, it is called Climate Change now, and manmade or not, it IS happening.

  • brent

    @Captain proton: Liberals changing the name doesn’t mean anyhting. It is happening, i do not doubt. But it is no different than climate change that has been happening foe the last 4 billion years. Or for that matter on any planet in the universe.

  • Cam


    Brrent, you do realize that the GOP groupspeak on climate is simply an updated version of their groupspeak years ago to try to prevent pollution controlls because it cost their donors money.

    They don’t want companies to have to worry about polluting, but please remember, before many of these controls came in rivers in cities like Cleavland actually caught fire.

    Your parties denials are the same old story. Whatever their corporate donors want they will do.

  • Andrew

    @Cam Just because the Earth’s climate has gone through changes (and many other planets’ have too) does not mean anthropogenic climate change is not real. I hear that argument all the time: “We aren’t causing climate change. The Earth’s climate has been changing for millions of years”. Yes, it is true that the Earth’s climate has gone through many changes, but this is simply not a good argument. Its like saying that people were not responsible for nuclear disasters on Three Mile Island and Chernobyl since nuclear reactions have been going on in the universe for billions of years.

  • Andrew

    Sorry Cam I meant @ Brent

  • Cam

    Oh, and although I”m sure everybody has already figured this out….

    “Not pressing issues” is the GOP’s way NOW of being bigots. They don’t want to technically come out and straight up OPPOSE civil rights. They just claim that there are more important things out there….so lets just keep things as they are for now because Congress is SO SO busy.

  • brent

    @Cam: Democrats do groupspeak on the enviornment. They pretty much do whatever greenpeace tells them to do. Read the book eco-fascists to know what these people are really like. Obama and his kind have turned off water on poor farmers in central valley, ca. while going to fundraisers at George Clooney’s house. Notice Clooney has plenty of water for his swimming pool.

  • Merv

    @brent: What does George Clooney’s swimming pool have to do with irrigation in the Central Valley? Please provide evidence that the amount of water evaporating from swimming pools is statistically significant compared to agricultural use. Please provide evidence that George Clooney even gets water from the same source. Please provide evidence that water was cut off from farmers without good reason.

  • brent

    @Merv: There is no connection with Clooney and the farmers. I was just making the point that these so called endangered fish are always found in places that don’t have the power to fight the government. As for evidence about the farmers just google central valley smelt fish and you will find plenty of articles on the subject. Take you’re pick what you chose to believe. But most of the stories will tell you that Obama turned off the water because of pressure form the green groups. There is a good book called eco-fascists by Elizabeh Nickson that details the abuse that the EPA has put upon people in rural america. The media never reports on rural maerica, that is why you never hear about it.

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