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Fox News’ Latest Senseless Culture Wars Battle Invokes La Gaga

Sometimes it’s like, just shut up Megyn Kelly. And you too, Sandy Rios. You’re the president of the faith-based, anti-abortion, moral-high-ground Culture Campaign, which is a clear indicator that you have skeletons in your closet just waiting to be exposed.

We’re all for your mission of keeping kids safe from over-sexualized imagery. But even James Dobson admits you folks have lost the culture wars, so let this girl from New York parade around in skimpy clothing with other pop stars if she wants. Turn your television off, and move on.

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  • sal(the original)

    id take a lesbian over dingbats anyday!!!

  • Miss Understood

    She needs to spend some time in the Jail for Bitches.

  • $0.02

    In full agreement with Sal and Miss Understood.

  • hardmannyc

    In other news: Parents disapprove of rock and roll.

  • H

    why are we even paying attention to this?

  • ktbisl32

    “The man next door who’s a sexual predator…” Seriously. People who watch Fox News sensationalized bullshit day time shows that have nothing else to talk about are the ones who are being manipulated by media. These man next door statements are the reason my grandmother (an avid Fox News watcher) calls me concerned for my life regularly. They need to find something better to report on.

  • sal(the original)

    well thank goodness keeping up with the Kardashians has around the same amount of viewers as fox,in a weird way that gives me comfort…lol

  • Devon

    A miserable, wretched, right-wing cunt advocating for a proper raping of the first amendment in the name of “the children! Won’t somebody think of the children?!”

    Gee, how new and refreshing.

  • Latebrosus

    Fame. Doin’ it for the fame.

  • Ricky

    “.teach your kids to make judgements at every turn”.

    Oh trust me SANDEE REOS. you and your ilk do JUST that.

    And so it seems you want to pass the buck.


  • Michal

    Ok. I am watching this in Poland, from a European perspective and this is just surreal for me! They are just talking about something they have no idea about. They should ban Fox News for being pure idiotic.

    Don’t they have more important issues to talk about? There’s always a lunatic fringe that dissaproves of something, but it is not a reason to put him/her in the news!

  • jason

    Don’t fall for the notion that Lady Gaga is good for our community. In her videos, she’s a product of male heterosexual fantasy. Girl-girl action mixed with guy-girl but no guy-guy…this is how she operates.

    I’d compare her to a porn actress in “straight” porn movies where guy-guy is consistently banned but homosexual activity between women is permitted so long as it titillates sleazy straight guys.

  • bruce

    Even though I’m gay, I tend to agree with Fox News. Lady Gaga subscribes to the notion that women must behave in ways that titillate straight guys. It’s a terrible message to be sending to young women. I can’t think of anything that is less empowering to women.

    She’s not empowering women at all. Instead, she’s empowering straight guys.

  • Chitown Kev

    C’mon, I went through the Tipper Gore shit back in the 1980’s.

  • sam

    lol @ allt he people saying she’s “empowering” straight guys and is doing it for titilation…

    i’m sorry but no straight that i’ve encountered has EVER been titillated by Lady Gaga…

    1. most of them aren’t big fans of her music and 2. most of them don’t even find her that attractive. Most of them call her a dog.

    If you can’t tell what she’s doing with this provocative stuff then you shouldn’t comment on it, just like little miss Fox News shouldn’t either. It’s patently obvious from what she was saying that she doesn’t even know what happened in the video.
    Lady Gaga and Beyonce as lesbian lovers? that never happened! (not that it’d be bad if they did)… cutting off her dick?! they didn’t cut off her dick! if that woman is so stupid she doesn’t even get the pop culture reference she should really just go away. forever.

  • alek


    A friend of mine referred to Lady Gaga as Lady Fraud Fraud.

    He pointed out that she refuses to put any male-male sensuality in her official videos. I think he has a point.

  • kevinvancouver

    It’s a fuckin music video … end of next !!!

  • gomez

    Jason. did i not call it? you are no better than the moralizing prudes of the right. i bet you would love to see this video banned.

  • tjr101

    Ughh… I guess it was a slow day at Faux News, give them some dildos to STFU!

  • Sceth

    What a pity – Sandy Rios suggested a downright admirable parenting strategy; not many parents I know would be so open with their children. But you’d think that if she was as confident as she seemed, she might not have had to preface it with a proposed attack on the First Amendment.

  • Rashid

    I debated banging my head against the wall after seeing this, but I decided to comment instead. It seems that reporters at FOX News like to have their conservative country club friends on the air as guests so they can both criticize the issue at hand. By doing that, they take up minutes from the channel’s live broadcast to toss adjectives back and forth describing how their Christian morals are vexed by modern pop music. Last time I checked, people who have Megan Kelly’s job are paid to be impartial.

    Fox News can jump off a bridge.

    And someone needs to teach Sandy how to use a freggin remote to block MTV (might as well block Logo, VH1, ABC, Discovery Channel, CNN, and MSNBC while she’s at it).

  • none of your buisness

    teh… lady gaga is fucking awesome…and telephone is a fucking good music video….who gives a fuck if it has an “over- sexualized image”. It all means something….she’s talented, an awesome new york girl….don’t fuck with her.

  • none of your buisness


  • Straight guy (but supportive)

    Why does this woman feel the need to make herself look like a caricature of social conservatives? She sounds like Oral Roberts throwing a tantrum about Elvis moving his hips. She’s so fringe, she almost makes the World is Flat folks seem mainstream.

    And, invoking my heterosexuality here, Rios is too attractive to be such an uptight bible thumper. I mean, the chick’s an absolute MILF. Unfortunately, there are plenty of hot female zealots who I wouldn’t stand a chance with.

  • ewe

    Fux Noose is the highest watched cable network because they dress and pimp out bleached blond and brainless looking females who sceam, yell, pump fear and cause havoc. All this is very titillating for the angry suburban blue collar couple on the couch, one of which probably has a raging hard on. Welcome to american consumption. zzz snore.

  • Joe

    In the words of the late great bill hicks “I WANT MY KIDS TO LISTEN TO PEOPLE WHO ROCKED, WHO SANG FROM THERE SOUL. THIS RIGHT WING COMMERCIAL SHIT HAS NO SOUL!!!!! DONT YOU HAVE A SOUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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