Fox News’ Trans Trashing Trumps MSNBC’s
And we thought MSNBC’s Morning Joe team were offensive! Fox News’ Red Eye anchors had plenty of bile to spread about pregnant trans man Thomas Beatie, like referring to him as a “transgender sideshow” and hoping the delivery is “the worst experience in his life.” Nice…

We would call GLAAD, but, you know…

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  • Rick

    it is a WOMAN. functioning uterus makes this he a she. even sounds like a girl. if you don’t want to be called a freak don’t start the freak show.

  • steviewonder66

    A true trans f-to-m would not want to produce a child.
    where is the pyscotherapist who wapproved this ftm for hormone and top surgery?
    this is so damaging to the gay community, as we are entangeled in the trans movement. If you are a woman who feels she was born in the wrong body, goes aheed with “top” surgery and hormone replacement, you have no right to bare a child.
    Men can’t produce children.!!! regardless of their biological make up.
    This is the stuff that pushes the gay movement/progression back so indefinatley.
    Should we really include this “confused” man’s/womans’s in our movement.
    This is so damaging!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    according to the dsm (diagnostic statistacl manual)— Most transsexuals agree with the idea proposed by Harry Benjamin, that gender is hard-wired in the brain before birth. As such, most transsexuals believe that being transsexual is instead an intersex condition, a congenital birth issue unseen by others due to its location in the brain: a mis-match in the sex of a person between that of the brain and that of the body. The main symptom of this condition is a unique type of depression, anxiety or even psychological pain: Gender Dysphoria. Most transsexuals assert that their brain-based inner perception of their sexual self, their identity, is who they really are, and so change their physical sex in an effort to be on the outside as they feel they are on the inside. If untreated, it can lead to mental and emotional problems, and sometimes suicide.
    Most transsexual men and women desire to establish a permanent social role as a member of the gender with which they identify. Many transsexual people also desire various types of medical alterations to their bodies

  • AnotherRick

    WTF – of course it’s a sideshow and of course it’s confrontational to str8s and of course blah blah blah – when are gay men & lesbians ever gonna learn that they feel EXACTLY the same way about us? The prejudice is exactly the same, the bigotry is exactly the same and the repulsion is exactly the same. If you imagine otherwise then ur probably just another self-hating queer who searches for “straight-acting” guys and is just deluded enuf to think he’s on the verge of being fully accepted into “the club”. No sweetheart – have a good look at life: they actually think you’re a pedophile pervert who deserves to die of AIDS – get over urself!

    We won’t mainstream ourselves any time soon by obtaining “tolerance” at the expense of trannys: racism isn’t selective, misogyny isn’t selective and hatred of queers isn’t selective.

    And we’re just ethically bankrupt if we show derisive intolerance to somebody who’s doing exactly what they want with reproduction and gender – with or without the psycho-babble.

  • Lorca

    AnotherRick, you rock. Keep speaking the truth. Why are so many queers so content to beg for scraps from the straights’ table instead of turning the fucker over?

    We are no better than the homophobic straight people if we do unto the transsexuals as the homophobes have done unto us.

    By the way everyone, why many of you so caught up in the male/female binary? Androgyny is fine, one does not have to settle for one side or the other, somewhere in between works for many. In many Hindu sects androgynous figures are worshipped for their ability to transcend the male/female binary and tap into the knowledge that lies in that position.

  • tommy

    I always thought that Trans don’t Identify as gay/lesbian,so should they be included under the gay /lesbian/bi banner?

  • CitizenGeek

    AnotherRick; I think you’re wrong. If ‘they’ really felt that way about homosexuals, then there would be outbursts like this, but there isn’t. Ever. In fact, when people make jokes that weren’t intended as being insulting (Jay Leno ‘gay look’ comment), they’re forced to apologise. Lots of straight folks have gay friends; lots of gay people are elected to parliaments, senates and governments around the world. Berlin and Paris have gay mayors, Massachusetts has a gay congressman, gay people are very visible in the arts and television and people don’t mind.

    So, to conclude, you are 100% wrong when you say straight people feel the same way about gay people as they do transgender people. Don’t try to trick us into believing that all the progress made in the strive for gay acceptance doesn’t exist, because it does!

    As for the FOX thing, I’m appalled at some of the comments made. But, like I’ve said before, it’s unreasonable to expect people to be accepting of Beatie.

  • AnotherRick

    I’d like to think you’re right CitizenGeek but you’re not. Empty media “apologies” are useless when the damage has already been done. The damage of course being that the original broadcast of hatred has found its mark and reinforced hatred. We have no evidence that forced retractions and “apologies” ever reach the same audience (as the original broadcast) and no evidence that they reverse the damage, or educate.

    The conservative American media has massive (and increasing) global penetration, and as such is more likely to influence apparent gains in the regions you mention outside the U.S. And when we have anti-queer crackdowns in powerful areas like China and the Islamic world as well as Fox NOT attracting global condemnation we can look forward to international losses, not gains.

    The bigger picture evidences losses than gains, with the best example being the up-the-ante murder of Lawrence King. There is no American historical precedent of a teen being butchered in school for being queer, and no appropriate public outrage ensued. Studies over a decade ago indicated that homo-hatred in junior schools was spiking amongst adolescent males but nothing was done then, and nothing will be done now. Lawrence King is only the first; while a younger generation of schoolkids grows up believing that it’s no big deal to murder a queer because they’re not being educated otherwise at home, in school or in the media.

    And since Lawrence King exhibited elements of both tranny and gay behavior I’d say you are tricking yourself into believing that his haters could or would actually differentiate; and it’s shameful that queers would try to point out the difference to them via Thomas Beatie.

  • Phoenix (the nellie, not the Pale one)

    Yo, most of middle (straight) America thinks all LGBT are freaks. Even you semi-closeted, straight-acting, I-want-to-be-normal queers! You ‘normals’ are filth in their eyes now, you were filth in their eyes before Thomas Beatie got knocked up, and you’ll be filth in their eyes long after Tommy’s kid goes off to college.

    P.S. You’ll never be ‘normal’. You are QUEER, which puts you squarely with the rest of the ‘freak show’, peaches. xoxoxo

  • WillieHewes

    AnotherRick is right.

    Tommy, a lot of Trans people are gay or lesbian, or were before they transitioned. The rest is bi. So yes, they’re part of the family.

  • LizB

    Firstly… the thing about US media penetration to the rest of the world – outside the US borders, it’s seen as a joke. we live in the real world.

    Secondly, the assumption that all TS are LGB – couldn’t be further from the truth! TS sexuality covers the whole spectrum, in probably the same percentages, as the rest of the worlds population. The main reason for the higher incidence of LGB behavior is the intolerance and discrimination from the rest of the world – straight and LGB – which forces TS to look for companionship within the ‘so-called’ TS community!

    And finaly, the comments from Fox are disgusting… but what can you expect of an ultra-conservative christian society?

    PS – what Thomas Beattie has done is just so wrong, on so many levels!

  • Caden Tully

    @AnotherRick: Wake the fuk Up peepz. This guy/girl experiment trying to give birth as a man with female organs is only doing this stunt for the dollars. Saying pregnant man is like saying heroin and not habit forming. It is a bit of an oxymoron The shock value of this travesty confounds the real impetus for Mr. Beatie’s reproductive revolution. As is always in life, it’s all about the papers ($), and Beatie is bout to be hella rich!!!

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