Frank And Beantown


There aren’t many out politicians in the U.S. Hell, most are squirreled away in the closet living with their own Chief of Staff (*cough, cough* David Dreier). Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank made his fondness for dudes known way back when Aaron Carter was singing awful pop songs in his diapers. The “All-Gay, All-the-Time” Boston Globe in its weekly magazine features an extensive profile on Frank, The country’s most visible gay politician. Bill Clinton has nothing on him. The man has survived a sex scandal with a young rentboy to come out on top (pun intended) and easily hold onto his seat in Congress.

Frank talks about how little his fellow legislators cared about his sexuality upon coming out to them:

I’m the only one who still thinks of myself as gay, because I’m thinking of what I did last weekend in Provincetown. I have been pleasantly surprised in how little difference it has made for my constituents and my colleagues.

We hope the unflattering, Tom Delay-like sneer he sports on the Globe cover photo doesn’t deter any future 20-year old conquests during future weekend shindigs in P-Town.

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