Frank Schools Offensive Opponent On Gay Marriage

Barney Frank let his claws out last night!

During a debate at Wellesley College, Frank, a gay Congressman from Massachusetts, took on political opponent Earl Sholley’s offensive take on gay marriage. When asked where he stands on the issue, Sholley, a Republican, made no effort to hide his disdain, saying:

I believe having gay marriage diminishes the value of the institution of marriage. I believe it’s a sacred pact between a man and a woman and it is so ordained by God.

This isn’t a civil rights issue. This I has nothing to do with environment. This has nothing to do with genes. There is no gay gene. This has to do with choice. In fact, there is a lot of evidence to indicate…I believe that it’s obsessive compulsive behavior it’s been estimated that 80 percent of homosexuals were sexually abused as children. I think we should be helping these people.

Frank was not amused, obviously, and shot back:

I hope it won’t be ungracious to reject Mr. Sholley’s offer to help me overcome the nonexistent child abuse. Same-sex marriage is of no concern to anyone who does not choose to enter into one. The notion that it weakens the institution of marriage is nonsense. We’ve had same-sex marriage in Massachusetts for four years; there has been no negative effect.

Indeed. And, frankly, we’re shocked Sholley thinks his right-wing rhetoric will win him votes.