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FRC Devoted Hundreds of Research Hours to American Soldiers Giving, Receiving Head

“The most common type of homosexual assault is one in which the offender fondles or performs oral sex upon a sleeping victim,” the Family Research Council states in a report on Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. “Assaults upon victims who are intoxicated are also common.” FRC claims to have “reviewed” the “case synopses” of “all 1,643 reports of sexual assault reported by the four branches of the military for Fiscal Year 2009 (October 1, 2008 through September 30, 2009). Our startling finding was that over eight percent (8.2%) of all military sexual assault cases were homosexual in nature. This suggests that homosexuals in the military are about three times more likely to commit sexual assaults than heterosexuals are, relative to their numbers.” And yet FRC is completely silent on things like …

The startling findings that Mother Jones‘ Adam Weinstein relays:

Also this week, Lt. Commander Anthony Velasquez, a Navy doctor in Japan, admitted he’d sexually assaulted at least 23 female patients over several years. Stars & Stripes reports that he either made sexually explicit comments or inserted ungloved (and unwelcome) fingers into the women while examining them. One sailor who reported him left the service after her complaint went nowhere; later, a hospital administrator reported that the doctor had a serious problem and should “only be allowed to treat male patients.” Instead, the Navy cleared him of wrongdoing and transferred him to a clinic at…guess where? Camp Arifjan in Kuwait, where he assaulted three more women. When he returns to the US, he’ll have to register with civilian authorities as a sexual offender. In the meantime, he has to serve out his military prison sentence: “seven days of confinement at the Yokosuka Naval Base brig.”

(Our research shows that servicemembers whose first names begin with a vowel are 3X more likely to commit sexual assaults than those whose names begin with a consonant, and we are launching an effort to force these individuals to either leave the armed forces or hide their first names.)

Weinstein writes he “once served Adm. Gary Roughead, the Navy’s chief, when he was the Naval Academy’s commandant, and I have respect for the man. But before he expresses any more concerns over DADT to Sen. McCain, perhaps he should account for what went wrong in the Velasquez case. … It does me no pleasure—particularly on a weekend where we ought to honor our service members’ sacrifices—to hurl lightning bolts at military leaders. But in the debate over DADT, both sides seem to grant a notion of the armed forces as a monolithic bastion of national virtue. They’re wrong. Despite its mission, it’s just another subculture made up of human beings. And the crooked timber of humanity can still be found thriving there, in an all-straight force. To argue, as some ideologues do, that gays will take the military over a moral or strategic cliff is not only hyperbolic; it’s stupid.”

(Pictured: Former members of the military, from left, Anthony Woods of Arlington, Va., Stacy Vasquez of Denton, Texas, David Hall of Washington, and Todd Belok of Ridgefield, Conn., are seen during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Wednesday, March 3, 2010, to discuss an effort to repeal the military’s ban on openly gay service members. via AP)

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  • Andrew

    That’s a bit like saying that because Gay Sex is so ubiquitous in all men’s prisons, — most male criminals and thugs identify as gay or would prefer a man over a woman. It has to do with access. Second of all, gay people account for anywhere from 10-4 percent of the population, NOT including Bisexuals.

  • Hyhybt

    The most common type of homosexual assault is one in which the offender fondles or performs oral sex upon a sleeping victim

    If you ask me, the claim that you can perform oral sex on someone without waking them up is hard to swallow.

  • DavidSaint

    @HYHYBT The Thrust of your statement certainly Blows the theory that the Suckees were sleeping while Blowing Throatloads on their Hot barrack buddies Tonsils. What doof has ever slept during a good Throat Blow? Shirley our Enlusted men are more Ball bounc’in smartsie then that. As w all FRA’s data, bogus fluffing, prior years of data might tell a mire accurate story.

  • jimstoic

    I’d like to take their research further. What percentage of assaults were by single vs. married soldiers? If the percentage by single soldiers is greater than the percentage by married soldiers, the Family Research Council has an excellent basis for supporting gay marriage: it will prevent sexual assaults!

  • jimstoic

    It’s kind of amazing that in a subculture where people are housed almost entirely with people of the same sex, more than 90% of sexual assaults are of the opposite sex.

  • jimstoic

    And one more thing: how do we know that DADT isn’t CONTRIBUTING to sexual assaults? Why should we assume that repealing DADT will increase assaults? The inability to have an open relationship may very well be the source of some sexual assaults.

  • D'oh, The Magnificent

    @Hyhybt: The study is b.s, but I believe technically stimulation can happen in sleep since the stimulation is involuntary as far as nerves goes. It does not require choosing it. for instance, men can be raped by women under the law or boys can be molested by women because the penis will go hard simply from stimulation. The same is true for the most part of gay men having sex with women.

  • Andy

    @jimstoic: You’re assuming these crazies are well-versed in simple logic and not that they’re apes with the IQ of room temperature, Celsius.

  • Dave Johnson

    @Joel: Excellent link. I found a comment following it especially interesting:

    “The point no one seems to be making is that there is, of course, much, much, much more opportunity for same-sex assaults to occur. How much more time do men spend with other men in the military than they do with women? Of course there are going to be more same-sex assaults.”

  • whatever

    Meanwhile Dan Choi is STARVING!


    Gee what suprise! The scumbags at the FRC are so very familiar with sucking someone’s cock while they are sleeping.….Most likely its because that’s how one who is in total denial regarding their sexuality acts on it…………

  • Hyhybt

    I still want to know how it’s possible without the guy waking up! Surely, *surely* you’d NOTICE if someone was doing that?

  • Cam

    And Again, Family Research Council puts out a report that focuses on gay sex. Why would they do that? Oh yes, because their founder, George Rekers, was a closet case who hires barely of legal age Male hustlers for paid sex.

  • B

    No. 2 · Joel wrote, “An excellent dissection of just why their numbers are skewed, and wrong:

    They get an incomplete. The FRC claimed that 8.2% of sexual assaults were same-sex ones, which is about 3 times the fraction of the population that is gay. While “themonkeycage” web site listed some of the errors, it missed a biggie – the FRC ignored bisexuals – while the fraction of the population that is gay has been estimated at 3 to 5 percent, that number does not count bisexuals, just as it doesn’t count horny straight guys or straight guys raping other straight guys to assert dominance (one of the reasons for rapes in prisons).

  • B

    No. 14 · Cam wrote, “Oh yes, because their founder, George Rekers, was a closet case who hires barely of legal age Male hustlers for paid sex.”

    Rekers rentboy/”traveling companion” claimed there was no sex, just a nude massage. What Rekers might have done with other rentboys, if any, is unknown. If we are going to continue to ridicule Rekers, at least ridicule him for what he actually did.
    Personally, I prefer Stephen Colbert’s take on it (approximately), “we always use when we want to find some help” (followed by a video sequence of a hot, shirtless cameraman).

  • counterpoll

    @B: You’re so right! The “situational homosexuality” gets left out of most research on human sexual behavior. Prisons, barracks, submarines,monasteries, single-gender boarding schools would be good examples.

    Sexual behaviour gets confused with sexual orientation all the time, even in otherwise decent studies on civilian populations.

    The issue of rape, likewise, is often misinterpreted. The behavior may be seen as sexual but the intentions are, as you indicate, are primarily dominance/violence/intimidation.

    The FRC research also conviently ignores the number of M/F rapes, which go under-reported. Changes in DADT will not, sadly, reduce those occurences.

    Twisting the facts to suggest that repeal of DADT will increase the # of gay military men raping their hetero counterparts is a desperate argument, made by desperate people with no grasp of how the real world works.

    Enforcement of existing rules about “sexual relations” between members of the armed forces would reduce rape across the board. FRC appears uninterested in that enforcement.

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