Friends Don’t Let Celebrity Friends Cover Lady Gaga

Uh oh. Straight, respectable celebrities like Joseph Gordon-Levitt (or “Joe,” to his friends) are covering Lady Gaga? I don’t like where this trend is going. Particularly because it’s just a matter of time before that awful Jared Leto, and his 30 Seconds to Mars, and Telephoning.

[via Jezebel]

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  • Will

    F**k yeah, he’s so great.

  • 7

    He’s Joseph Gordon-Levitt. He can do anything he wants, just as long as we can look at him.

  • greg

    why so bitter queerty? he is cleasly having so much fun playing this song… let the boy play- he makesme swoon with his lazyhazy charm of his.

  • REBELComx

    Ok, 1. he sounds great with his own style and is adorable and is a gay rights advocate. Don’t be hatin…
    2. 30 Seconds to Mars has already covered a Lady Gaga song – this exact same song.

  • D

    Wow Joe’s awesome! I didn’t know he can sing; I like his style. Why is Jared Leto awful? I love him and 30 Seconds to Mars.

  • Scott from CA

    Queerty really, REALLY needs to get over their obsessive hate for Lady Gaga. Face it, she’s here to stay. I bet the real reason you post so many negative articles related to her is because you secretly love her but want to seem cool to everyone by pretending she’s some sort of phase that the world is going through.

    Yeah right, like anyone at Queerty is cool.

  • Jon B

    I love that while commenting on Lady Gaga making 3 Hitchcock references, and her use of the word schtick, he makes a way more obscure reference to Jason Robert Brown’s Last Five Years by calling Lady Gaga a Shiksa Goddess. How many straight guys know musicals, let alone musicals that never made it to Broadway? He just got even hotter, and I didn’t realize that was possible…

  • Jon

    @greg: wrong . .makes awesome swoon.

  • Steve

    First, 30 Seconds to Mars is an amazing band. Second, that last sentence wasn’t even a sentence seeing as how you never gave your nouns a verb or anything.

  • ganymeade

    simply just love him really– he is cool; has brains, talent and looks and he is funny

    what more could anybody want? really queerty -what? bitter much?

  • ganymeade

    I like Jared Leto, too by the way

  • Jeff K.

    Mother Gaga blessed the world with her songs so all mankind could sing them and be a little happier because of it. Don’t be hatin’.

  • Kev C

    People would be surprised as to how many people dislike Lady Gaga. It’s not a few haters. Go to HuffPo and you’ll see 90% of the commenters for any Gaga threads are negative. If anyone is the hater, it’s the crazed, bitter and delusional fans of Lady Gaga.

  • nineinchnail

    I say its perfectly okay to cover Gaga as long as its cement and then have her thrown into the Hudson River after she hardens.

  • Justin

    @Jon B: Shiksa Goddess is actually a pretty common phrase. If you google it, only one link on the first page has to do with the Last Five Years song, so I doubt it’s what he had in mind. Though I admit it’s what I thought of first when I saw the video. :)

  • REBELComx

    @Kev C: Oh honey, didn’t you know? This is the Internet. 90% of all comments on ANYTHING are negative. :~)

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