Live Free or Diet

Gawker’s Brian Moylan Thinks All Gay Men Are Body-Obsessed Narcissists

Oh, the gays. We are  foolish and vain, body obsessed gym bunnies, and now we finally know why. It turns out that “without pecs, guns and abs, [gays are] going home alone.”

No, that’s not just another anti-gay blogger putting us down. In fact, it’s none other than respected gay Gawker blogger Brian Moylan. In dishing about Simon Doonan’s proposed diet book, Gay Men Don’t Get Fat, Moylan (left, with porn stache) claims that gay men hit the gym hard because “if straight men are lacking in some area, they usually make up for it by becoming rich or powerful…But for gay men, only body will do.” He goes on to reiterate that “a good body is the only currency in this game.”

What about coupled men? Well, men in relationships must continue to workout so they can win the sexiest threesome playmates, thereby reducing the entire gay existence to a competion for sex and vanity.

Thus Moylan reduces gay men to narcissists, living for opportunities to fuck our reflections. And if you aren’t ab-obsessed, don’t worry, you can be shoehorned into his stereotyped image. Bears, he says, only socialize and sexualize other bears, praying to the hirsute mantle while stocking medicine cabinets with our future/potential partner’s prescriptions for Lipitor and Insulin.

Yes, we know Moylan is making a provocative argument as a sort of cheap click bait. (Gawker bloggers are compensated in part by reaching traffic goals.) And there may be some truth to Moylan’s argument in his Fire Island-Chelsea boy curcuit. But what does it mean that one of our most prominent young writers thinks it’s okay to perpetuate such slander from a huge platform? It is this very stereotype that has marginalized the entire LGBT community, making us in the public eye little more than over-sexed wardrobe stylists and interior decorators. With less of Moylan’s decrying “conformist culture,” maybe more people would begin to rediscover the gorgeous mosaic that is gay life.

Where I live, in San Francisco, Asian Panda bears date Latino otter twinks, muscle daddies chubby chase pocket cubs, and the trans guys are the hottest in the room. Don’t believe me? Check out the GayCities Valentine’s Day Kiss Photo Challenge to see the incredible range of couples and attractions.

Brian, look me up next time you are in San Francisco. I think you might discover a thing or two….