“Gay” Actor Gets Down And Dirty In Hollywood

Here’s something Tom Cruise won’t be watching in the near future: filmmaker Ian Halperin’s His Highness Hollywood.

You may recall Halperin’s name from his book, Hollywood Undercover, in which he infiltrates Scientology to expose the group’s anti-gay agenda. Highness takes that mission one step further to explore the trials and tribulations of being a gay actor in Hollywood.

From the music playing press release:

Halperin, who is known for his past undercover exposes, infiltrates casting rooms and befriends several A-list actors and industry people by posing as a gay actor who’s a member of the so-called ‘Israeli Royal Family.’ He then ends up in a top Hollywood acting school, gets put into shape by Usher’s personal trainer and is cast for several major film roles, all while infiltrating The Church of Scientology. Then the Church of Scientology offers him a “cure” for his homosexuality.

While we’re on the subject of Halperin, Hollywood and the homos, he tells us a New York developer plans to open a gay-themed multiplex in 2009. Again, something Tom Cruise won’t enjoy.

To get your sticky hands on a copy of Halperin’s flick, click here!