Gay Adoption Ban Dead in Kentucky


Might gay adoption rights be headed to Kentucky? Last month we told you about legislators’ attempt to put a law on the books banning gay couples (and singles of any orientation) from adoption — or, in political parlance, it would keep kids away from anyone who’s “cohabiting outside of a marriage that is legally valid in Kentucky.” But will that bill ever see the light of day?

A Senate bill that would have banned gay couples from adopting or fostering children appears to be dead this legislative session.

The measure’s sponsor, Republican Sen. Gary Tapp of Shelbyville, said Senate leaders will not bring Senate Bill 68 to a vote in the final four days of the legislative session. Tapp said Wednesday that he plans to file the bill again next year.

The bill would restrict future foster and adoptive parents to people who are married under Kentucky law, which would eliminate gay couples or unmarried couples from adopting or becoming foster parents. [Kentucky Lexington Herald-Leader]