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Gay Americans Are Wealthier + Better Educated Than Straights. Who Wouldn’t Want To Be A Homosexual?

While we wait for the U.S. Census to tell us about gay families, the National Center for Marriage & Family Research’s new analysis says there are about 580,000 same-sex homes in America — with 86,000 legally married lesbians couples and 66,000 gay men having tied the knot in the five states (and one federal district) where it’s legal. (Though I’m not sure the Coquille Indian Tribe in Oregon, where marriage is also legal, was counted.) Sticking to stereotypes, gays have some of the highest household incomes and education levels (with straight heteros bottoming the list). Yay, DINKS!

The study, based on data from the 2009 American Community Survey, also finds 17 percent of gay homes have kids (compared to 40% for straights), with lesbians twice as likely to be raising children than gay men with a 22-11 percent split. Thank goodness they’re not all molest-y, right?

It means there must not be tons of queers raising children in Washington D.C., since that’s where the highest concentration of gay male households in the whole country live. Some 26 percent of all unmarried couples in the nation’s capital are gay. Massachusetts ranks highest among lesbian homes, but to be fair: North Hampton. [Edge; photo via]

America’s Gays Are Coupling Up Faster Than We Can Create New Baby Gays

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  • Joseph

    Trying to tie economic and educational success with sexuality is a farce. The class system imposed on the populous keeps everyone down, no matter their sexual orientation. Until we take back our country from the rich and super-rich we will not be free.

  • GMB

    Surely I’m not the only person out there who wants something more astute from Queerty, like the curiosity to question why this correlation might be happening? Are gays just smarter and more successful than our straight counterparts? Or, more likely, are gay people with more financial security also those who would simply have a greater incentive to marry and set up legal protections for their prosperity? Are gay couples in low-income, minority neighborhoods — where anti-gay sentiment is a bigger threat — going to cohabitate if that means risking their social standing and security? It’s rational to think they might not. Queerty needs some intelligent editors again; y’all haven’t been the same since Japhy Grant moved on.

  • AJ

    @GMB: The critical question is the one GMB raised, though I don’t blame Queerty. I blame the Census.

    We only know about cohabitating couples, not self-identifying individuals. Couples tend to be richer than singles (splitting the cost of living). Gays who get married clearly tend to be middle/upper class, if only because most of the states that pro-gay laws like marriages and civil unions tend to be richer, bluer states.

    GMB’s questions are important too, but really we have a data problem. Other more nuanced analyses of Census data (from preeminent demographer Gary Gates) have had mixed results:

    These studies also suggest that gay couples tend to be older, and therefore more wealthy. Couple that with lower response rates for lower-income families amd the refusal of some black men and women to identify as having a same-sex partner.

    Basically, we won’t know anything true about the gay market for a very long time.

  • samthor

    …and we’re better looking too.
    don’t forget that.

  • Hilarious

    @GMB: “Are gay couples in low-income, minority neighborhoods — where anti-gay sentiment is a bigger threat”

    You lost all credibility right there. Take your racism and shove it up your ass.

  • Hilarious

    @AJ: Do you idiots even think before you type?

    Yes black men and women are the only people who refuse to identify as having a same-sex partner.

    Or you’re yet another racist prick without a clue.

    You two are so fucking stupid. Makes me want to gay bash you.

  • Mike in Asheville

    @No. 2 GMB

    I’m afraid we will never see anything truly astute from Queerty; they rarely bother even to cross-check prior Queerty posts for consistency or reference: not too long ago they posted a study from the Williams Institute/UCLA Law School the opposite findings.

    @No. 3 AJ

    Don’t blame the Bureau of the Census, they are data collectors. The analysis of the data is subject to, as once opined by Mark Twain, “there are lies, damn lies, and statistics.”

    Analysts have their own agendas which work to twist data in ways that “prove” the points they want to make instead to using data to guide accurate conclusions.

    As I noted above, the Williams Institute at the UCLA Law School undertakes extensive reporting of Census data including the American Community Survey. Here is a document that completely undermines the findings in today’s post from the National Center on Family & Marriage:

    The Williams Institute has hundreds of studies listed under their publications reporting and analyzing data from the Census’ American Community Survey and other national and state census data.

    BTW, the American Community Survey, the on-going data collection survey, conducts tens-of-thousands of interviews and surveys that, in turn, provide extensive collections of data. Groups, like the Williams Institute, are then able to provide extensive conclusions reports. You might be surprised that they have vast amounts of data on LGBT — there’s no need to wait for a very long time, the info is available today. And as trends change, there will updated info as trends come and go.

  • ewe

    Good news and proof that gay people are not trying to imitate straight people.

  • Dawson

    The vast majority of true sociologist reports show that the gay population is actually subject to the glass ceiling and often earn 75 cents on every dollar as compared to straights due to discrimination in both hiring and promotion.

    However, its much easier to create a villain out of someone who has wealth and privilege than someone that is disenfranchised.

  • Vman455

    @Hilarious: If I say something like, “Black people have dark skin,” will you call me a racist too?

  • Jack

    I think I believe in karma now.

  • Justin Thyme

    This head line is bogus! Dawson has a good insight. Statistical extrapolations even from non-suspect data can be misleading. I.E. City ABC has 4 gays, 1 makes $1 mil. & 3 make $0 making their averaged earnings is at $250,000. City ABC has 10 str8’s 1 makes $1 mil. & 9 make $0, making their average earnings at $100,000. Now the analysts can say that gays make on an average $150,000 more than their str8 counter parts! Mark Twain you are a hero.

  • Jaroslaw

    Thanks Joseph, everyone please read #1 again. Correlation – if no one is evil, who can be virtuous?

  • Vellis

    Hey, Queerty, thanks for fucking up the reporting on this in your usual style. The data in question do not conclude, and do not even address, whether “gay Americans are wealthier.” The data concern a variety of characteristics – including income (not wealth) – of same sex households (not “gay Americans”).

    Also, thanks for lazily linking to a secondary source, rather than linking to the original source material. I found the original report in a 2 minute google search, but I am sure you are all too busy at Queerty to do menial work like that.

    As the original data show, self-identified gay households are concentrated in regions with higher incomes – the coasts, the Northeast, Colorado, and Hawaii. SS households are least concentrated in the poorest states like Alabama. So no big surprise that their incomes would be higher than average when compared against all households nationally.

    For those who would like to read more, here is the link, no thanks to the middle school interns who obviously write for Queerty:

  • Carl

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