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Gay Americans Are Wealthier + Better Educated Than Straights. Who Wouldn’t Want To Be A Homosexual?

While we wait for the U.S. Census to tell us about gay families, the National Center for Marriage & Family Research’s new analysis says there are about 580,000 same-sex homes in America — with 86,000 legally married lesbians couples and 66,000 gay men having tied the knot in the five states (and one federal district) where it’s legal. (Though I’m not sure the Coquille Indian Tribe in Oregon, where marriage is also legal, was counted.) Sticking to stereotypes, gays have some of the highest household incomes and education levels (with straight heteros bottoming the list). Yay, DINKS!

The study, based on data from the 2009 American Community Survey, also finds 17 percent of gay homes have kids (compared to 40% for straights), with lesbians twice as likely to be raising children than gay men with a 22-11 percent split. Thank goodness they’re not all molest-y, right?

It means there must not be tons of queers raising children in Washington D.C., since that’s where the highest concentration of gay male households in the whole country live. Some 26 percent of all unmarried couples in the nation’s capital are gay. Massachusetts ranks highest among lesbian homes, but to be fair: North Hampton. [Edge; photo via]

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