Jim Naugle Fails To Block Bid

Gay Bibliophiles Win New Library

There are some happy gays down Fort Lauderdale way.

No, Mayor Jim Naugle didn’t abandon his anti-gay robo-toilet plan. He did, however, attempt to block the city council’s approval of a new Stonewall Library.

Bookworm activists went before Naugle and the council yesterday to request a move to Holiday Park, a city property. Not surprisingly, a number of anti-gay activists came out to flaunt their disapproval, including Naugle. The mayor expressed his dismay after reviewing the library’s offerings – which includes some nude image:

I had no idea this was what the homosexual book collection was all about. It’s a shame it had to come out during this whole toilet controversy. They’ll think it’s some anti-gay thing – um, anti-homosexual.

Naugle has previously exchewed the word gay because gays are “unhappy”. A Naugle sympathizer, Rev. O’Neal Dozier, came out against the move, but insists he loves gay people: “I have homosexuals in my church that are trying to get their lives straight.” That’s supposed to be a joke, right?

Gays found an ally in Former Commissioner Dean Trantalis, who supports the new library – and took a dig at Dozier and Naugle:

There’s one thing I have to say. I agree with the reverend, I love homosexuals, too. Reach into your hearts tonight and make this gay man a happy gay man.

The council did – they approved the move 3-2.

What’s more, Naugle seems to have learned a little something: “If I’ve learned one thing through this, it’s that there are a lot of happy homosexuals in Fort Lauderdale.”