Gay “Big Brother Australia” Winner Proposes To Boyfriend On Air

Benjamin Norris, the 32-year-old from Victoria, won the Australian version of Big Brother—then promptly asked his boyfriend to marry him.

He said yes.

Norris, who won the show’s $260,000 grand prize, was clearly gobsmacked at the finale but pulled it together enough to produce a ring for his partner, also named Ben.

“I almost forgot to say the words,” Norris added. “Will you marry me?”

Norris explained the diamond ring was the one his great-grandfather had presented to his great-grandmother. “Since I met Ben, I wanted him to be part of my family.”

With the tough marriage-equality battle raging in Australia, we hope the Benjamins donate some benjamins to the cause.

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  • BritAus

    Embarrassingly and annoyingly predictable.

  • Andrew

    Did any other Aussies see when they went to kiss and Ch 9 changed the camera angle so that it was above them and not on the side?! It was so obvious it was a ‘quick-the-gays-are-kissing-change-the-angle’ panic.

    Not as bad as when farmer Dave kissed his boyfriend and the next thing you knew the close up changed to the other end of the studio and Dave and co. were just a speck on the screen.

  • Cam

    Here they would have edited it out, and then if anybody found out they would claim it was because of timing.

  • alterego1980

    @Cam: You’re probably right. It’s interesting how CBS has such a liberal news wing yet a really conservative audience for their primetime tv.

  • Niall

    Well it’s one surprising he said yes, has anyone straight or gay actually ever said no in one of these public proposals?

  • Niall


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