The Most Star-Studded Edition Ever!

Gay Blind Item Madness!!

It may be too early for some of you, but why don’t you take a wack at this juicy bit from NYDN:

Which distinctively named member of a chart-topping pop group swings both ways? He surprised his male talent escort at a recent Hollywood red-carpet event with an invitation back to his hotel room.

We’re assuming “talent escort” means a production usher, not a hooker. And, quite honestly, we’re stumped. We don’t know any “chart-topping pop groups”.

The gossip’s extra gay today, because Ben Widdicombe serves up another, far less anonymous piece of lavender frivolity:

Uptown designer Zang Toi has an A-list clientele, which includes Ivana Trump, Sharon Stone, Eva Longoria and Patti LaBelle.

But any of those ladies might have been surprised to get a recent e-mail from him saying: “You have received a personal invitation from your friend (zangtoi13). They would like you to join them on”

The Malaysian-born dressmaker followed up on Tuesday: “Hi everyone … someone hacked into my computer, and my computer guy is looking into the matter. If you do receive this mail … please please please DISREGARD it!”

Technology’s a wicked mistress.