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Gay ‘Celibate’ Pastor Tom Brock Has Forgiven The Man Who Exposed Him As a Homo

Not only is Lutheran Pastor Tom Brock back in the fold after an internal church investigation found he’s still a 57-year-old virgin, but he’s finally getting around to mincing words with Lavender magazine’s John Townsend, who exposed Brock’s supposed hypocrisy.

Townsend has been cagey about how he “infiltrated” Courage, the Catholic support group for gays who want to not be gay. But Brock says flatly: “Townsend had lied his way into this confidential group in order to attend and expose my presence there.” And as for the notion that Brock “slipped” while on a trip to Slovakia (“slip” implying he gave into his cravings), Brock maintains “contrary to what Townsend and the Lavender article strongly implied, I have never engaged in homosexual behavior. An internal investigation by my congregation concluded: ‘We find no evidence from any sources we examined or people we interviewed to indicate that Pastor Brock had engaged in any physical contact or in a homosexual relationship of any type.'” Well that should fend off the critics.

But great news, everyone! Brock is a pious man, and he’s forgiving you, Townsend.

Townsend also states that we believe “unrepentant homosexual activity damns to hellfire.” I do believe this, as it is the teaching of the Bible and the historic teaching of the Church that persisting in any lifestyle of sin (not only homosexuality) without repentance and faith in Christ will exclude people from the kingdom of God (I Corinthians 6:9-11). Townsend states there is “psychological abuse” going on in this Catholic support group. No — we pray together and counsel each other how to remain pure.

While I am disappointed that the reporter and Lavender magazine have breached journalistic ethics, I have chosen to forgive them. My prayer is that some good can come out of this. I hope people will discover that there are thousands of people with unwanted same-sex attraction who have joined similar groups around the country and have found there is hope in Jesus Christ for transformation of life. In other words, there are options other than simply “giving in” to these attractions.

And now, Brock is off to do more of the lord’s work: “After this story broke, a member of my support group called me and said that the one thing the homosexual community never hears from a person in the Christian community is, ‘I have this struggle, but you can have this struggle, still say ‘no’ to it, and follow Jesus.’ This is a message I believe I will now be able to share.”

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