Gay Couple Married At The Grammys: “It Was Humanizing”

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 4.05.50 PMBrandon Styles and Kevin Masek hadn’t planned to get married immediately after they were engaged in August 2013, but in an interview with Confessions of A Boy Toy, they say the opportunity to exchange vows while making television history couldn’t be passed.

Brandon and Kevin were one of 33 couples to be married during the mass wedding ceremony at this year’s Grammys. The ceremony, which took place in the aisles of the Staples Center during Macklemore’s “Same Love” was “totally surreal,” according to Brandon, who said the importance of the occasion “didn’t really hit [him] until…the dress rehearsal with Madonna.”

The couple met on two years ago and are one of the first to open up about their legendary experience at the Grammys, which provided Queen Latifah as their officiant and Her Madgesty as their post-kiss entertainment.

Brandon remembers the experience vividly:

You could hear the roar of the crowd, a deep rumbling. Then everyone got up and I lost it.

When we exchanged the rings, I could see Jennifer Lawrence sobbing. It was the type of crying where your diaphragm can’t handle it. Celebrities seem so detached that I really wasn’t expecting them to be moved to tears. It was humanizing.

Congratulations, boys!

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