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Gay Dads And Newborn Daughter Are Focus Of Insurance Commercial

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A new commercial from Allstate centers around two gay dads, who both share their experiences becoming first-time parents.

Uploaded to Allstate’s YouTube channel on Sunday, the advertisement features parents Danny and Andrew, who reveal how their daughter became a part of their lives.

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“Within our lifetime,” Danny says, “We have gotten married and had a child. Twenty years ago that wouldn’t have happened. So my hope is that she does not face the same obstacles that we did. But I’m not wishing her no obstacles. Just ones that will make her equally as strong. But it’s the first times, the moments we spent as family that have been the best over the last year,” Danny says.

The commercial is part of Allstate’s “Here’s to Firsts” series.

Watch the ad below.

H/t: LGBTQ Nation