so this is christmas

Nordstrom Wins The Holidays With Beautiful Commercial About Gay Couple And Their Dog


Nordstrom demonstrates why they have a 100 percent approval rating from the Human Rights Campaign Buyers Guide. The upscale fashion retailer has created a dazzlingly beautiful holiday ad titled The Homecoming that features a man coming home with a suitcase and a Nordstrom shopping bag to be reunited his partner and their gorgeous dog. Queerty has learned that the two handsome men featured in the video are a couple in real-life and are engaged to be married soon so Nordstrom gets extra props from us for not simply hiring two photogenic actors.

Naturally, there are haters. Back2Stonewall reports that right-wing site American Thinker expressed outrage that Hulu dared broadcast the ad during classic programming, such as The Rifleman and Dennis the Menace, that don’t include a “large proportion of Haight-Ashbury and Greenwich Village types” viewers and when innocent people and children might see the horror of two grown people in love exchanging a warm greeting.

Enjoy it below.