Gay Duo “Core Romantic Couple” Of Marvel’s “Young Avengers”

With the success of the Avengers movie, it’s not surprising Marvel is putting renewed focus on its Avengers comics with spin-offs like Young Avengers, about a teen of young superheroes who haven’t quite reached the level of Captain America or Iron Man.

Joining Kid Loki, Miss America and Marvel Boy are Wiccan and Hulkling, one of mainstream comics’ most prominent (and cutest) gay couples.

Wiccan and Hulking were actually a part of an earlier Young Avengers title  created by gay screenwriter Allan Heinberg that ended some years back.

In that run, nearly every member of the team was dating, flirting or pining for a teammate. But in the revamped title, writer Kieron Gillen says, they will be the “core romantic couple of Young Avengers.”

Gillen warns, though, that Wiccan will make a big mistake that threatens his relationship with the shapeshifting Hulkling. Do they have Grindr in the Marvel Universe?

Hopefully whatever roadblocks they face won’t be permanent, since Young Avengers artist James McKelvie is also a fan of the dynamic duo: “I love drawing the two of them, their interactions. The emotional stuff as well as the punching,” he says.”

 Young Avengers #1 hits stores January 23

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