Arrested For Drunk, Disorderly Flirting, Fondling

Gay Gets Too Friendly In The Sky

John Michael Moody II needs to learn to keep his hands to himself. Well, that’s what federal marshals said when they arrested him for copping a feel on a Southwest flight from Indianapolis to Jacksonville, Florida. Moody, a lawyer, stands accused of repeatedly (and drunkenly) groping a male flight attendant, offering him money for sex and general disorderly conduct. Moody also allegedly asked the cabin crew, “Where’s the gay section?”

The Jacksonville Times-Union elaborates:

Flight attendant Cory Cash said Moody made repeated sexual advances toward him during the flight and groped his buttocks, back and abdomen. He asked Cash when they could make out and invited him into the lavatory to have sex, the affidavit says.

Cash said when he rebuffed Moody’s advances and told him to return to his seat, Moody began cursing and verbally abusing the flight attendant.

When Cash told him there were children on the aircraft, Moody grabbed a child waiting for the lavatory and said, “This child?” He then lifted the child over his head and proceeded up the aisle, Cash told investigators.

Moody’s currently out on a $10,000 bail. And, as part of his bail, Moody’s prohibited from drinking. And, we imagine, flying.