Gay Group Joins Protest Against Neo-Nazi Rally At Kentucky State Capitol

The Fairness Campaign, which advocates for fair employment and housing to the gay and lesbian community, has joined in the protest against a disturbingly public rally thrown by the Neo-Nazi National Socialist Movement (NSM). It all goes down this Saturday at 3pm in front of the Kentucky State Capitol in Frankfort.

WTF? I knew they had some strange customs like eating squirrel in Kentucky, but I wasn’t aware there were enough active neo-Nazis to stage a rally in the state capital.

Among the NSM’s myriad positions of prejudice, they believe, “Only those of pure white blood may be members of the state… Accordingly, no Jew or homosexual may be a member.”

“We can never be silent in the face of racism,” said Fairness Campaign director Chris Hartman. “The intersections of oppression are made clear by the NSM, whose prejudice spans the entire spectrum of perceived ‘difference’ in our country—race, color, religion, nation of origin, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, and more—all the unique identities that, woven together, form the brilliant tapestry of our great nation.”

Other participating groups include the Kentucky Alliance Against Racist and Political Repression and Standing Up for Racial Justice. You’d hope some more general liberal and conservative groups could join in this protest against what is such a clearly wrongheaded movement.

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  • Alex

    I would be going but Saturday is Thunder Over Louisville with my boyfriend and Frankfort is quite a bit away. We are not all backwards in Kentucky and the strong opposition speaks to that. Then again I am originally from Minnesota. Give those redneck nazi’s hell is all I can say! This is why I want to move to California….

  • FYI

    White-trash just wanting to look “special” for all the wrong reasons. Ignore the attention-whores. Don’t feed the trolls.

  • Jason

    This is an out-of-state group which goes on tour across the country to attract attention to the white-supremacist movement every year.

  • Jason


    Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear said: He doesn’t agree with a neo-Nazi group that will hold a rally on the Kentucky Capitol steps April 21 but he respects the rights given the group under the Kentucky and U.S. Constitution.

    “The Constitution affords the right to free speech and free assembly to all, and we will respect those rights, even for this MICHIGAN-based, hate-filled group,” Beshear said in a statement.

    The National Socialist Movement has said it will hold its national meeting and rally in Frankfort. It is opposed to people who are Jewish, gay or not of European descent.

  • Clockwork

    Take a look at the cops in the background of that pic.

    They have the right attitude laughing at the fool doing his “Heil Hitler”

  • Paul

    what the neo-nazis’ haven’t paid attention to was that although Hitler aressted and gassed they gay’s a large portion of the german military was closeted gays and had a whole lot of gay and pedophile sex while gaurds at the camps

  • tallskin2

    Paul, and the evidence for your outlandish comment is to be found where exactly?

    I mean apart from the obvious fact that soldiers of ALL armies during a protracted war are likely to play ‘hide the sausage’ with each other- so mentioning that does not count.

  • Charles Jackson

    Yeah Yeah hide the saursage ahhahahah ahhahaha!

  • Charles Jackson

    What if the saursage was more like a beany weeny, would that still count? Could you hide it too? Like in the case of skinheads for instance.

  • Kentuckian

    It’s really terribly sad to see the level of hate in Kentucky.
    I’m a high-schooler, and out principal is a very vocal homophobe, not to mention the flyers we put up for Day of Silence have been torn to pieces, thrown in trash, or burned.
    I’m honestly not surprised.
    I live in Frankfort, but I’m reluctant to counter protest, because it will only give more attention to these idiots that they don’t need.

  • MEJ

    Will Dink Flamingo be there scouting models for Active Duty?

  • Hyhybt

    If your blood is white, you don’t need a political organization. You need a medical examination.

  • Jawsch

    I’m not surprised by this at all. Sadly, I was born and raised (and am still stuck) in Kentucky. This sort of behavior is quite common as is the religious “We won’t hate you to your face” attitude.

    I think what’s more surprising is I have the Kentucky Fairness Alliance, Fairness Campaign, GLSO, members of the LGBT Activist community (as well as Chris Hartman) added on FB and yet this is the first I’m hearing of this. o.0

    I have to also say I’m not surprised “Alex” is choosing the “I’d rather watch fireworks and get drunk than actually “do” something that could make a difference” option. Sadly, this is the common attitude of a large section of the LGBT community in KY. They rarely show support for anything unless there’s alcohol or the potential to hook-up involved. Especially if it’s something they don’t feel directly affects them or their lives.

    Frankfort is only ~40 minutes from Louisville. ;) Straight shot across I-64. I’m sure even if it were in Louisville you’d still be going to Thunder instead.

  • cam

    The desperation of somebody looking for a club that won’t throw them out.

    You know this dipshit should learn that it isn’t the Jews and the Gays fault that he can’t keep a job, stop showing up drunk and picking fights with people and he wouldn’t keep getting bounced out on his ass.

    But then again, I guess it’s easier to throw a “White Power” salute and pretend the way his life turned out is everybody else’s fault.

  • Joe

    I work and go to school in Frankfort, KY. Although it might not be one the forefront of liberal ideas this rally could not be a less accurate representation of the community. I hope more groups join the rally against these fascist bigots.

  • B

    No. 6 · Paul, who wrote, “what the neo-nazis’ haven’t paid attention to was that …. a large portion of the german military was closeted gays…’

    Oh please. The Nazi regime drafted just about every available male old enough and in good enough physical condition to be vaguely useful. There is no way a large portion of the German military could have been gay unless a large portion of the whole country was gay.

  • Patsy Stoned

    Will they be protesting the neo-Nazis inside the Kentucky State Capitol as well?

  • Cliff Herringboner

    Are you aware that Jeff Schoep the mini-fuhrer of this bunch of hollywierd nutzi’s is himself married to an ARAB woman Joanna who has a BLACK child named Amber? No joke! Check out onepeoplesproject or whitereference of

  • Steven

    Thanks a ton for making Kentucky look worse than it already does…

    “WTF? I knew they had some strange customs like eating squirrel in Kentucky, but I wasn’t aware there were enough active neo-Nazis to stage a rally in the state capital.”

    Yes, in Kentucky a majority of us definitely promote this Neo-Nazi rally and squirrel is the staple of our diet…Kentucky is quite backwards in many ways, but there is evil everywhere.

    You only need one retard to speak out to other retards to start a rally. There is no doubt in my mind that there could be a rally like this in any state or country in the world. Don’t stereotype a community that you apparently don’t know anything about. You wonder why people stereotype the gay community when the gay community stereotypes right back.

    I didn’t choose to be a gay Kentuckian, I was born this way (and I have never in my life even seen someone eat a squirrel or any other animal that isn’t popularly eaten over most of the US…). Rant Over, I’d thank you for not spreading false stereotypes.

    I hate you all for making me stand up for Kentucky…I freaking HATE this place, but sadly, no matter what I do this is my birth place and we don’t need people thinking everyone from this state is as backwards as portrayed in the media. A much of the world is good, but the evil is loudest.

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