Not feline it

Gay guy worries his cat is homophobic in hilarious thread

One gay Redditor is in a hairy situation: He suspects his cat doesn’t approve of the gay “lifestyle,” so to speak.

“I think my cat is homophobic,” he wrote in a recent thread. “She heard me having sex with a man last night and now she won’t talk to me. What should I do?”

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Joked one commenter, “She realized you don’t like p*ssy.”

Advised another, “Paws before brahs, my dude.”

“You better get on her good side,” a third wrote. “Otherwise, she might trade you out for a new [human] and/or evict you. You’re treading on thin ice, my friend.”

One commenter, at least, assured the guy that it’s a fixable problem: “She’s just jealous she’s not getting 100% of your attention. She’ll sulk for a while but will probs get over it. Give her a treat and she’ll forgive you.”

Finally, the original poster resolved to work it out with his four-legged friend. “I’m going to try and talk to her,” he wrote. “Maybe she can see that I’m just trying to live my best life.”

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Meanwhile, other Redditors related to pets interfering with sexy times. “[My dog] stands at the side of the bed and stares at me in silent judgment,” commented one.

“I’ve had way more cats than dogs, but the five dogs I had during my adult life have always gotten very jealous if I started getting it on in their presence,” wrote another. “The cats have never cared except some kittens that jump out of nowhere on top of stuff.”

Added a third: “I raise Shih Tzu dogs. They don’t really care how much of a sexual and moral degenerate I am, so long as I feed and cuddle on schedule!”