Gay Guys Are Reporting Baby Fever In Droves. Is That Progress?


What’s the tingly sensation that comes on when you Facetime with your siblings and their adorable kids? Is it baby fever, or are you just hungry for a quesadilla?

Count us squarely in the quesadilla camp as of now, but who knows — things change.

For these guys on Whisper, baby fever is as real as can be:

I used to think only women got baby fever but I


I want kids so bad even though I

I keep on thinking about the future. To be honest it scares me. I

Being gay single and having baby fever is a horrible feeling.

I have baby fever since both my best friends are pregnant but I

I may be gay but I still have that fatherly instinct. I want a baby :(


Even though I


I love being gay and all but I really want a baby :/ I feel like having one would make my life have a lot more purpose.

My biological clock is ticking! I

I never thought as a heartless gay guy I

I have baby fever and I


Being gay and having baby fever is a special kind of hell. I want a biological child of my own but it