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This gay Indian film that was deemed too hot by censors is finally being released

Ka Bodyscapes has been making the rounds at film festivals in Italy, the US, and the UK. But one place it hasn’t been shown is India, which is a little odd, considering that’s where the film is set.

Writer/director Jayan Cherian tells The Hindu that his film “deals with the struggles of Kerala’s [LGBTQ] youth to find a space for themselves and for individual freedom.”

It tells the love story between two men, a painter named Haris and sportsman Vishnu who live in a conservative Indian city.

Ka Bodyscapes was completed back in 2016 but was banned by the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) for “glorifying homosexuality.”

After two-and-a-half years of petitioning, the film is finally being released in Cherian’s home country.

“We do not want to sit in silence,” he says. “An artist’s only weapon of resistance is [their] art practice. We need to tell the world that we are alive and refuse to be cowed down.”

Ka Bodyscapes will premiere in the southern state of Kerala this weekend.

Watch the trailer below.