A gay man has fallen for his coworker…who’s married to a woman. What’s he to do?

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A gay man in Ireland has reached out to famed advice columnist Dear Deidre for help. His predicament: he’s fallen for a co-worker who’s married to a woman. In a twist, however, the gay man is sure his co-worker is gay as well.

“Dear Diedre,” he writes to The Irish Sun. “A work colleague I’ve fallen for is buff, handsome and has a great beard. He ticks all the boxes for what I look for in a man and I’m sure he is gay – but he’s married to a woman.”

“I’m a gay guy of 24 and this man is 38,” the reader elaborates. “He is the team leader and is responsible for showing me the ropes in the factory where we work. We have so much in common – we support the same football team and play the same video games. He spends so much time with me and we have such a laugh. I look forward to my shifts.”

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“I think constantly about making a move on him,” he admits. “What should I do?”

As usual, Deidre responds with her sensible advice.

You must say nothing,” Deidre writes. “This man is happily married and you could just end up making things embarrassing for both of you.”

“We can all have unrequited love and it is sad,” she admits. “But he is not free to be with you right now. If he knows you’re gay and, deep down, he is too, then if he likes you he’ll say something. Try to keep things professional between you so that you can continue to enjoy a good working relationship.”

“My support pack,” she further offers, “Gay Resources, may help you to find somebody special.”

Dear Deidre has a long history of offering gentle advice to LGBTQ people. Just last week, she advised a closeted man how to tell his wife about his clandestine rendezvous with other men.