Gay Marriage Measures Resemble Theocracy, Writes Writer

California’s Proposition 8 has been getting all sorts of attention, but let’s not forget that Floridians also have a gay marriage-themed ballot measure, Amendment 2, which would define marriage as between a man and a woman. And Amendment 2’s passage, writes Jack Romberg, would bring the state closer to a theocracy:

Marriage is a sacred ritual that takes place within all mainstream religious traditions. However, not all religions agree on what marriages should be sanctified. Even within the Jewish or the Christian world are disagreements. For example, many rabbis will sanctify interfaith weddings, others will not. How would my fellow clergy feel if an amendment were proposed allowing only same-faith weddings to be legally sanctified?

These are decisions that should be left to individual religious communities to decide, guided by their clergy. Religious decisions should not be at the whim of a voting public or by government fiat.

Why don’t we just give everyone equal rights and call it a day? That would be heavenly!