Gay NYC Mayoral Candidate Christine Quinn Receiving Death Threats

Christine Quinn

Chris has gotten threats about being gay. It’s hard to accept and we live in a place that is the most tolerant…When you have strides like marriage equality, you tend to think (prejudice) has passed, then things like that happen, and it wakes you up again.”

Kim Catullo, openly gay city councilwoman and mayoral candidate Christine Quinn’s wife, addressing the rash of hate crimes in New York and Quinn’s bid for the mayor’s office in the New York Daily News

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  • QJ201

    …probably a good chunk of them from other queers who are pissed she isn’t a leftist liberal. Seriously, the queers in NYC have been vicious toward her for being a “moderate” democrat.

  • Snapper59

    I don’t live in NYC so don’t care but I saw a column hostile to her that implied she’s behind in the polls now and this is “her Reichstag fire”.

  • Rational

    I personally don’t trust her since a Pollster from her camp came to my door to find out what I didn’t like about her…I then knew that they would take steps to counteract what others like me found to be her faults. When asked who I would most likely vote for, I said Weiner…two weeks later his second scandal erupted,…coincidence? I notice in her TV commercials she brags at saving 40,000 teaching jobs…yet the teachers union is backing Bill de Blasio. Wouldn’t you think they would be backing the person who saved 40,000 jobs?

  • Kangol


    Yeah, right, she’s the handmaiden to the real estate industry and Wall Street and talks a good game about being “liberal,” running further to the left each day, but you’re blaming gay people for these alleged “death threats.” Just stop it.

    Christine Quinn is struggling in the polls because she helped enable the anti-democratic third term of her guy-pal, Mike Bloomberg, and voters are making her pay for it. That’s democracy, and claims about “death threats” isn’t going to change the fact that she and her guy-pal have destroyed life for middle and working-class New Yorkers with the luxury rezoning.

    You made your bed, Christine Quinn, now deal with it.

  • Dakotahgeo

    I would think that with all the Homeland Security and NSA web-spying, they would be able to trounce these nitwited idiots in 2 minutes and make sure they were never heard from again! I don’t care what your stance or cause is… you DON’T go around threatening peoples’ lives. Good grief, get a life and starting thinking with your brains and not just sitting on them!

  • Kieran

    To have a Gay Mayor of the largest city in America and the most famous city in the world would be a huge progressive step for gay people all over the world. I’m not surprised there are people who would like to get rid of her.

    But the haters can’t and won’t be able to intimidate Quinn or US.

  • andy_d

    @QJ201: The anger is not over her being or not being a “leftist.” The anger is over how she has abused her power as the head of the council and how she has thrown the gay community “under the bus” when it suits her own ends. As for “death threats” I would like to see evidence of it such as a police report. The timing on this is, IMO, suspect because I am perceiving that Quinn’s popularity is falling as more information about her practices, motives and in whose pocket she has her hands emerges.

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