Gay Pakistani Poet Seeks Acceptance

Gay poet Ifti Nasim’s won critical acclaim the world over, but his Muslim peers aren’t necessarily hopping on the band wagon.

While some of his fellow Pakistani nationals appreciate his perspective, Nasim insists he’s still many steps away from acceptance:

Success makes the world accept you on your own terms,” said Nasim. But being an openly gay person in the conservative Muslim community has not been easy. “They never totally accept you,” the 50 plus Nasim told IANS, “they just about tolerate you.”

Nasim, who fled to America to live an openly gay life, hasn’t even gained the approval of his own family. Said his brother-in-law: “I respect his views. He has earned the respect he has today. But I wish he was a little more modest (about being gay).”

Believe it or not, we’ve seen people who are way more gay than Nasim.