Gay Poet’s Sex Life Complicates Legacy

Wait. An Irish poet named Cathal O Searcaigh may find his work excised from a school exam after writing a poem about having sex with young male Nepalese prostitutes. Pretty scandalous, right? Well, it seems to rectify his public shaming, he’s announced plans to “distance himself from any future distribution of charitable funds in Nepal”. Okay… [Independent]

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  • emb

    I’m not sure the scandal was caused so much by Searcaigh “writing a poem about having sex with young Nepalese prostitutes”. Searcaigh has a long history of supporting scholarship and other assistance programs for Nepalese boys. A filmmaker (Nesea Ni Chianain), who was filming a documentary tribute to the poet (“Fairytale of Kathmandu”–see the Director’s Statement), observed what she felt were efforts to “groom” specially selected boys and young men (under the age of 16) for sexual encounters. Rather than “merely” frequenting young Nepalese prostitutes, it appears that Searcaigh may have been engaged in soliciting, seducing, and essentially “growing his own” young sex workers. For a little more, see this News Post India article.

  • CitizenGeek

    I’m currently studying O Searcaigh’s poems in my Irish language class here in Ireland – and I have to say that his behaviour disgusts me and he should immediately be striken from the curriculam.

    Queerty, I think your reporting here is very misleading.

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