"They came after me from each side..."

Gay Recalls Attack In Court

Sheane Eldritch and Thomas Baker were allegedly looking to “kill a fag” last July, a court heard yesterday.

Witnesses reportedly heard the dangerous duo laughing it up before Eldritch and Baker stalked off and found John Lavasser, whom they’re charged with bashing. Lavasser took the stand in Concord yesterday, telling jurors: “They came after me from each side… When they came up to me, they asked me if I was waiting for my partner.” They then proceeded to beat him bloody, Lavasser testified. His boyfriend, Ron Sayres, found Lavasser right after the fight, “The whole right side of his face was all bloody.”

Lavasser also testified that he considered moving away after the attack, but Sayres convinced him to stay and seek justice. Hopefully he’ll get it.