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Gay Redditors list the movie and TV scenes that broke their hearts

Heath Ledger Brokeback Mountain

We all can use a cathartic ugly-cry sometimes, and if you’re feeling that need, you could open the floodgates with a viewing of the movies and TV shows below. On the r/askgaybros forum, Reddit users said these titles — some LGBTQ-related, some not — broke their hearts.

Of course, we have to preface this sob-fest with a couple of notes of caution: One, spoilers abound. And two, some of those movies and TV shows are so sad that the gay bros who nominated them won’t rewatch them again.

Brokeback Mountain

“The end of Brokeback Mountain, where you see that Ennis still has Jack’s shirt, hanging on the same hanger with one of his.”

“Yeah, this scene floors me. When that movie came out, I saw it in the [movie theater] a couple of times. I would leave at the point where Ennis is driving away with his horse trailer and it’s the last time they would meet. I can’t watch the rest. … That’s why [with] every gay love movie, I go to the end. If the couple is still together at the end of the movie, I’ll watch the whole thing. If not, I won’t even watch the beginning.”

Marley & Me

“The whole f*cking movie.”

Prayers for Bobby

“It kinda hit close to home because I was also raised in a religious family.”

“I love that movie. When Sigourney Weaver is sobbing in the bathroom at work, it kills me every time.”

Prayers for Bobby, when Sigourney’s character realizes how badly she f*cked up as a mother and would do anything to have her son back.”

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“The scene in Heartstopper where Charlie tells his sister he feels like, ‘Maybe it’d be better if I didn’t exist,’ I can remember being a teenager and feeling that exact same feeling and almost acting on it. I burst into tears after he said it.”

The Magicians

“When they sing ‘Take On Me.’”

“Oh, so much this. And I also sobbed like a bitch over the ending, too.”


Luca, the triathlon scene and the ending. I watched this on the plane, and luckily, I had the entire row to myself, as I couldn’t stop the tears, lol.”

I Am Legend

“Sam’s death in I Am Legend hit me so g*ddamn hard, I had to leave the theater ‘cause I just couldn’t stop crying.”

Boy’s Don’t Cry

“Such a good movie, but I can’t bring myself to rewatch it.”

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“There was a gay movie from a while back called Redwoods. One of the two soon-to-be lovers is introduced as a husband in a strained gay marriage with an adopted special-needs son. He goes away for the weekend to clear his head and meets a traveling writer with whom he falls in love, and they have a passionate affair. … Ultimately, the ending is even sadder than you imagine and made me cry more than the final scene of Brokeback Mountain.”

And… The Devil Wears Prada?

“That Paris scene in The Devil Wears Prada where Andi threw her work phone into the river. You could’ve had a life filled with couture, glamorous travel, and gorgeous men, you stupid B!”

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