Gay Rugby = Apartheid?

Sniff, sniff… Do you smell that? That’s the smell of putridly skewed analogy courtesy of Irish Sports Minister Edwin Poots! The politico recently proclaimed his confusion over queer rugby teams:

I just cannot fathom why people see the necessity to develop an apartheid in sport… It would be unacceptable to produce an all-black rugby team or an all-white team or an all-Chinese team. To me it’s equally unacceptable to produce an all-homosexual rugby team and I find it remarkable that people who talk so much about inclusivity and about having an equal role in society would then go down the route of exclusion.

Gay team founder Declan Lavery dismissed Poots’ assessment: “When the club was set up it welcomed members regardless of their age, creed, religion, sexual orientation or whatever, and that’s how it continues”. See, Poots? You can play, too!