Gay Scandal Down Under


Wow! The gay scandals just keep coming! This one takes us down to New Zealand, where pictures of Prime Minister Helen Clark‘s husband, Peter Davis, kissing another man have been making the newspaper circuit.

Naturally, Clark and her husband deny that there is anything romantic between the men. Apparently they’re just old friends. We’re not ones to buy scandalous denials straight away, but we’re inclined to believe this one, particularly because Clark’s left-leaning party has been getting shit for its pro-LGBT standings.

Clark says:

I consider this to have been a pattern for my entire 25-year political career. Political opponents have sought to defame me, and now they have sought to get at me through my husband.

Luckily for Clark, there’s another scandal afoot in New Zealand involving her opposition leader and a rich business man’s wife. This shit’s better than Fashion House – and with better acting, too.