Gay Youth Protest “Profitable” Pride

Some go-getter guppies launched a war of words this weekend on Manchester Gay Pride, which charges an admission fee for their “gay village.” Organizers were none-too-pleased:

A small group of gay youngsters incurred the wrath of Manchester Gay Pride Festival organisers with a number of placards and t-shirts that read Pride Before Profit and Pride Is a Protest.

Minutes before the march moved off from Liverpool Street, Festival director Jackie Crozier went up to David Henry of the Queer Youth Network.

“What is on that,” she asked, pointing to a placard lying face down on the street.

Mr. Henry turned the placard over, revealing the message Pride Before Profit.

“Give me that sign,” she demanded. “We told you that we don’t want that kind of thing here.”

What’s that line about the oppressed becoming the oppressors?