Gaylarious: It’s Gayish, But the Straights Are Allowed to Laugh, Too

Zach & Chris in the studio

In arguably the nation’s most diverse melting pot—Washington, DC—stand-up comedians Chris Doucette and Zach Toczinski co-produce and host Gaylarious!, a monthly showcase at the new Riot Act Comedy Theater offering an equal number of hetero and homo comics.

“It’s a ‘gayish comedy showcase,’ because it’s only half gay,” Doucette says. “We’ve got single guys looking to hook up, longtime lesbian couples, and guys with their girlfriends. And we’ve thrown out all the cliches.”

The nationally-known comics include the likes of Karith Foster, Jason Dudley, Wendy Ho and Lori Sommer and changes every first Wednesday of the month.

Here’s a sampling of the humor of Chris & Zach:

  • On Meryl Streep’s Oscar win: “Oh goody, a movie about an old lady who makes laws.”
  • On Zac Efron‘s condom drop: “Was it a female condom that fell out of his butt?” and “Did he think he was promoting The Durex instead of The Lorax?”
  • On Angelina’s leg: “The biggest story out of the Oscars was a woman showing her leg? Are we a Muslim country now?” and “I thought she was standing funny because she was about to drop another kid.”
  • On “Urkel” being picked for DWTS: “Urkel is kind of white black-hot right now!”

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Photos via Scott Wallis