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Gayle Was Fine With Ted Haggard Sleeping With Men. It Was the Lying That Was Unacceptable

We’re back on the road with Ted and Gayle Haggard — who are popping up on The View today? — who tell Larry King that they never stopped their absolutely rockin’ intimate relationship. Because really, who lets a little cheating with members of the same-sex get in the way of getting your rocks off?

For Gayle, hopping back on Ted’s lap wasn’t an issue at all. After Ted told her about the cheating, with then-prostitute Mike Jones, he reached out to her in their bed, and that’s when she was like, “Ooooh, somebody’s getting lucky tonight!”

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  • The Artist

    Thank goodness that Ted doesn’t like dick anymore. He’s seen the future and what it will be. Park bathrooms. PEACELUVNBWILDYALL!

  • romeo

    This is all about getting their finances back in order and saving face. Don’t believe a word of it.

  • dvlaries

    Wouldn’t it be great if there were some secret, taped phone calls around between Gayle and Suzanne Craig?

    Wonder what Mike Jones is up to these days? Track him down, queerty, and find out why don’t you? He still deserves more visibility than Ted.

  • 1EqualityUSA

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  • dvlaries

    Maybe it’s just a case of Gayle reluctantly capitulating to the reality that she doesn’t care to start over from zero at her age, and better to stick with the creep she knows.

    What is that old truism about a woman over 40 to 45, having a greater chance of being struck by lightning than a new and successful marriage…?

    This gab tour is all about rehabilitating his image, and certainly, she could have a fiscal stake in that too if they can make enough fools believe it. At home, it’s not difficult to imagine the house cordoned off to His and Her Areas, the two of them staying out of one another’s way, and not asking too many questions. Only any still living-at home kids would know the real story. They almost certainly grew up in anticipation of tidy inheritances one day that have to be gone now. If one of them writes a book, that’ll probably be as close to truth as we’ll ever get.

  • Tommy

    I will never understand people. whether they be gay, straight or bi who feel the need to get in the media and talk about intimate details of their relationships. It’s the height of egotism to think that anyone really cares about your personal relationships. Why can’t people just shut up already? I guess some people are really desperate for attention.

  • dontblamemeivotedforhillary

    This pair ARE haggard over him being buggered multiply times on crystal-meth!

  • spindoc

    I love these idiots. So the ten commandments say to not commit adultry, but she didn’t care about that? Guess they aren’t really that religeous now are they?

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