Gaymers Can’t Catch A Break

It appears even nerds don’t like gay people. A survey out of The University of Illinois – “The Gaymer Survery – finds that 52% of the 10,000 respondents think that gay gamers face discrimination. It’s a tragic situation, one researcher Jason Rockwood hopes his findings will help alleviate:

Gay gamers experience a double-edged sword of prejudice. The mainstream gay culture and media is not supportive of video games. Then you have the video game culture that is not supportive of gay culture… I’m hoping this survey would shed some light on how or why people go through such a process.

Don’t we already know how and why people go through this “process”? People don’t like homos, people tell homos they don’t like them, homos get sad. Pretty straight-forward, actually.

But, kidding aside, we’re totally serious when we say we’re sorry for anything negative we’ve ever said about you gaymers. We had no idea you had things so rough. It sounds like a virtual nightmare.

The survey also found that gaymers are more likely to choose attractive avatars than their hetero counterparts. Good to know you kids are just as superficial as the rest of us…

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  • mattymatt

    I’m not sure what this sentence means: “gay culture and media is not supportive of video games.”

    How did they determine that? I’m a part of gay culture, and all my friend have Wiis. Sounds pretty supportive to me.

  • Ben


    I think they meant young gay culture, like, under 30 or something.

  • Biscuit

    I don’t have problems being a big dork; I happily grew up reading comic books, watching star trek, and yes, gayming. Who’s going to hate on you when you happily, unabashedly admit your penchant for vulcans playing world of warcraft? It’s easier when you own your gay nerdhood.

    I’m sorry, when you pwn your gay nerdhood. :-)

  • alley

    i think tech culture is slowly becoming cool. i may live in a bizarre world but i’m proud of my tech geekiness as a lesbian in portland, oregon. all my gay friends love the wii. even the none tech geek ones. gay culture is becoming mainstream, so is game culture. soon we’ll all be one mess of metrosexual superheroes. i’m ready.

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