Gays Bother, Bewilder Bishop

Holy moly! Argentinian Bishop Ruben Oscar Frassia agrees with the NJ commission on civil unions – but for entirely different.

In Frassia’s eyes, the growing acceptance of unions and similar same-sex arrangements signal – shocker! – the decline of civilization.

While Frassia’s perspective isn’t new, nor is it particularly rational, we’re a bit charmed by the man’s obvious confusion: “What do you want me to say? I really don’t understand it, I don’t understand.” Awww.

The charm rapidly wears off, however:

We must be very clear. If we sow wind, we will reap storms. If we take God out of our families, our society, our laws, our personal things or out of nature itself, let’s not be surprised at the damage that we ourselves might provoke.

Sow wind? Now that’s a euphemism!