Gays Can Marry In The Chinese-Riddle Genius Of Michele Bachmann’s Mind

I’m glad Bachmann wasn’t there for history. ‘Why can’t Rosa Parks sit at the front of the bus?’

‘She can sit,’ Bachmann would say. ‘She can sit at the back of the bus.’

I’m glad she isn’t my waiter. ‘Is there a vegetarian option?’

‘The vegetarian option is steak,’ Bachmann would say, not blinking an eye.

‘Is there a way for people in wheel chairs to access the sixth floor?’

‘There’s a way. They can take the stairs,’ Bachmann would say, still not blinking… ‘I’d like to find a synagogue.’

‘There’s a synagogue right here,’ Bachmann would say. ‘It’s a church.’

‘Do you have apples?’

‘Yes, I have oranges.’”

Washington Post columnist Alexandra Petri mocking GOP Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann’s response to an Iowan student. Bachmann said that gays and lesbians do have the right to marry, just as long as they marry someone of the opposite sex. Now why ever would she want a straight woman to marry a gay man? Hmmm…

Image via Gage Skidmore