Gays Can Marry In The Chinese-Riddle Genius Of Michele Bachmann’s Mind

I’m glad Bachmann wasn’t there for history. ‘Why can’t Rosa Parks sit at the front of the bus?’

‘She can sit,’ Bachmann would say. ‘She can sit at the back of the bus.’

I’m glad she isn’t my waiter. ‘Is there a vegetarian option?’

‘The vegetarian option is steak,’ Bachmann would say, not blinking an eye.

‘Is there a way for people in wheel chairs to access the sixth floor?’

‘There’s a way. They can take the stairs,’ Bachmann would say, still not blinking… ‘I’d like to find a synagogue.’

‘There’s a synagogue right here,’ Bachmann would say. ‘It’s a church.’

‘Do you have apples?’

‘Yes, I have oranges.’”

Washington Post columnist Alexandra Petri mocking GOP Presidential Candidate Michele Bachmann’s response to an Iowan student. Bachmann said that gays and lesbians do have the right to marry, just as long as they marry someone of the opposite sex. Now why ever would she want a straight woman to marry a gay man? Hmmm…

Image via Gage Skidmore

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  • Global Traveler

    When she says “It’s the law of the land” I wish someone would have reminded her that not so long ago it was the law of the land that women couldn’t vote.

    She is an idiot. But for some reason people think that because she looks like a typical good-hearted PTA mom, she must have a good heart. But she is evil through and through.

  • jason

    Maybe one of us gay guys can volunteer to marry Michele Bachmann’s daughter. I’m sure Michele will welcome us with open arms. Pigs might also fly….

  • Michael

    When she said it was the “law of the land” it’s a shame someone didn’t remind her she was in Iowa where gay marriage is the “law of the land”.

    She’s a f’n dumbass and the irony of her saying gay men can marry as long as they marry a woman is lost on none of us.

  • Dan

    So she’s admitting to being a lesbian who adopted a bunch of kids to cover up her sham marriage to a gay guy?

  • christopher di spirito

    This broad is certifiable. I mean, how else do you explain someone who says God came to her one night in her living room and told her to run for Congress?

  • Robert in NYC

    So by her very limited knowledge of just about anything, gay men and women can hide (it’s called lying) who they really are by marrying someone of the opposite sex and cheat on the side with a member of their own gender? Nice christian values she’s espousing. I only hope that flamer of a man she’s married to gets caught with his pants down with some twink. How I will gloat.

  • andreusz

    @Robert in NYC: What has ‘some twink’ done to deserve such a horrible fate?

  • chink change

    Michelle isn’t such a bad guy, she just doesn’t want gay people to have special rights, like getting married! You can see where she’s coming from, right? She’s not such a bad guy.

  • slanty

    E=MCHammer. That was a nice touch, Daniel.

  • Ben

    I’ve actually heard this argument a lot of times. That gay marriage would be a special right because guys have the same right to marry someone of the opposite sex that everybody has. Well by that logic, same-sex marriage wouldn’t be a special right for gays because straight people would have the option as well. Check and mate.

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