Gays Confused, Says Mag.

God bless free press, huh?

Focus on The Family’s Mike Haley takes to right wing Breakaway Magazine this month to “debunk” the ever-pressing “gay myths,” including the gays’ nagging insistence that their relationships matter.

Myth #3: Homosexual relationships are no different than heterosexual ones. Homosexual advocates want their relationships to be treated the same as heterosexual ones, enjoying legal rights to marriage and adoption. And some gays really do love each other.

Haley deconstructs this so-called fabrication with the usual conservative tools: religious fear! Apparently our gay ways make God unhappy and to say otherwise is a “mockery of God’s divine act of creation and His ordination of marriage”.

Here’s the PageOneQ-obtained article in handy-dandy – and a bit blurry – thumbnail form. Not safe for the easily infuriated.