Taunts, Threats and Graffiti Force Couple Out

Gays Flee Hateful Town

Terry and Ryan Hamilton hoped to find domestic bliss in Bothwell, Canada. They didn’t. Instead they found harassment and threats. After filing at least 30 complaints with the police, however, they reached their limit and moved beyond the town limits.

“Die fags,” was spray painted on the couple’s home at 341 Main St., sending a clear message they weren’t welcome.

“There was no way we could stay, we were suffering such tremendous hate crimes,” Ryan Hamilton said. “They were doing everything they could to make our lives a living hell.”

Well, perhaps the towns folk were speaking German and saying, “The fags”. You know, just so everyone would know. Wait, that’s still gross. Not as gross as one resident’s reaction. Says John Dingman, “They were all about their gay rights and that. They didn’t have to keep on harping on it.” Oh, yes, of course! Gay activists should just shut their mouths and assimilate into a town that obviously isn’t interested in acceptance. We’ll make a note of that next time we find ourselves in an inhospitable environment.