Gays Love Dancing, Shows About Dancing!

We have yet to meet the person who dislikes Fox’s high-kicking reality show, So You Think You Can Dance?. Seriously, it seems like everyone in the universe loves that show and Los Angeles Times‘ Claire Zulkey thinks she knows why.

In addition to mentioning the show’s respectful judges (a radical departure from American Idol‘s increasingly snarky jurists), Zulkey speculates So You Think You Can Dance? may be the gayest show on network television. Or, at least the most gay friendly:

It might be the most gay-friendly show on network television. This is obviously hard to prove. However, if sweeping generalizations may be made, a show about dancers is likely going to net a few gay male contestants. Unlike on other network shows, though (reality and scripted), they’re not turned either into bland sexuality-free Ken dolls or mincing attitude queens. There are some gay folks on the show. They’re here to dance. That’s just about it. It’s refreshing.

It sure is, Zulkey. It sure is… Plus, last year’s winner, Benji Schwimmer, stands as the gayest thing on two legs, even if he’s “straight”.