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Gays More Likely to Read Gay Blogs, Reveals Study About Gays and Blogs

This is great news for our advertisers: Some 54 percent of adult gays and lesbians report reading blogs, according to a new Harris Interactive study, compared to 40 percent for heteros. That’s up 3 percent from two years ago. Good job everyone!

Moreover: “Not surprising, over one third (35%) of all lesbian and gay male adults report they read blogs specifically tailored for gay and lesbian news and interests. More than half (53%) of these readers also say they visit gay and lesbian blogs weekly, and one in five (19%) do so daily.”

You’re also more likely than straights to visit social networking sites. Sorry, no details about adults’ “adult” browsing habits.

[TechCrunch, Press release]

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  • robert

    Regarding that picture – supposing, as in my case, I prefer the aesthetics of the machine on the left but the functionality of the one on the right? Does it mean I’m bi?

  • L.

    Coming up next: a groundbreaking study into whether water is wet or not. But first, those messages.

  • reason

    I cringe at the one on the left, and love the one on the right. When I look to the computer on the right I see power and limitless possibility; when I look to the computer on the left I see an empty shell. With a little ingenuity the wires on the right can be ordered neatly, but ingenuity is what is missing from those that choose the image on the left.


    @reason: And if those wires on the pic on the right are multi-colored, one could make a fabulous rainbow hued design! (isn’t that what we Gays are supposed to say???) :-p

  • GEW

    What?!? I find this hard to believe. I need to check fb to see if any of my gay friends are posting about this.

    *scurries off*

  • hyhybt

    @robert: An interesting way of looking at it. What does the one on the right do that the one on the left cannot?

  • ron

    I’ve had a long day, but can someone explain the ad to me? I’m just not getting it.

  • L.

    @ron: I’m afraid this means you’re one of those people who can only get the one on the right.

  • ron

    @L.: Thanks for trying, but still, nothing…..

  • hyhybt

    @ron: Four-word summation: “Mac users are gay.”

    I don’t see the connection, really, even if Apple did have a rainbow-colored logo for 20 years or so.

  • L.

    @ron: I wasn’t trying to help, I was trying to bitch. I failed us both. *sobs*

  • Jeffree

    Anyone else wonder about this; Where are our gay wymyn on this blog?

    I hang out with lesbiams InRealLife, why isn’t that happening here online?

    — — — £ — — —
    Read lgb blogs? Yes I do! imagine that!

    I also read fundie blogs, because I believe it’s important to know what your opponents are thinking & talking about.
    ….and planning on doing.

    And yeah ok, I read a couple comedy blogs, adoption blogs, vlogs on “how to make better brunch” and lots of news sites.

  • Nick

    Ironically, my computer IS the computer on the right. It’s an exact match, down to the IR Receiver on top of the tower.

  • CJ

    Did anyone else notice the subtle bigotry in this photo?

    In other words, “bad news” = you’re gay.

    Funny how something so humorous and trivial conveys an undertone of bigotry against being gay.

  • fagburn


    It’s hardly subtle…

    PS Read my blog, it’s amazing! Thanks

  • samthor

    I use a MAC and I’m gay… and I’m proud of both. Haters can suck it.

  • thedarkchariot

    I can’t stand this caption. Two major problems:

    1) From a non-gay view, what the fuck is wrong with appreciating aesthetics? I can’t fucking stand these people that think that something cannot be functional and beautiful at the same time. Why can’t we be like car enthusiasts? No one ever bashes people who have beautiful BMWs or Mercedes. Apple makes beautiful products.

    2) From a gay view, what the fuck is up with saying that being “gay” is bad? People find this funny? Arg.

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