Genre All But Abandoning Its Subscribers?


After hearing that Genre magazine wasn’t being delivered to paid subscribers, Queerty did some digging last month and learned straight from editor-in-chief Neal Boulton’s mouth that a “new printer” company was to blame for the hiccups. Boulton even asked that we post his personal email address, so affected customers could touch base directly. Then explain this: How come Neal’s company email address now bounces back? And the toll-free subscription line has been disconnected? The Queerty reader who originally tipped us off is back with more ominous news for the gay glossy:

Says our informant: “Tried e-mailing [Neal] again today and this time the e-mail bounced back. So I tried the 888 subscription number in the most recent Genre issue I have. It’s been disconnected.

“At this point, I’ve given up on getting the missing issue, but thought I’d let you know in case the magazine went under. At this point, I sort of hope it did.”

Indeed, when we emailed “[email protected],” we received a “mailbox full” response from the account “[email protected].” Whatever that means.

But since Boulton says he really wants to hear from subscribers, we feel at liberty to provide his personal email address: [email protected].

And maybe the massive financial troubles of Genre‘s private equity part-owner Avalon Equity are already impacting its publications.