George Bush Still Fuming Over Kanye’s ‘Black People’ Line

Not losing thousands of soldiers in his made up wars. Not seeing thousands of Americans perish in New York. And not his “Heckuva job, Brownie” remark. It’s Kanye West’s line “George Bush doesn’t care about black people” (during a Hurricane Katrina telethon) that Bush says “was one of the most disgusting moments in my Presidency.”

“He called me a racist,” Bush tells Matt Lauer in an upcoming interview. “And I didn’t appreciate it then. I don’t appreciate it now. It’s one thing to say, ‘I don’t appreciate the way he’s handled his business.’ It’s another thing to say, ‘This man’s a racist.’ I resent it, it’s not true.”

Maybe words really do

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  • craig

    IM no fan of George Bush, but

    Kanye West is a complete idiot who should do us all a favor and crawl into a hole somewhere.

    He is a feminine little straight man (ha ha), isn’t he.?

  • bobito

    I’m sure that must have been hard for him to take. He has always been gracious and amenable toward African American multimillionaires. Now if Kanye had said “George Bush doesn’t care about people if they aren’t obscenely rich”, Bush wouldn’t have had any problems with that.

    Of course, for most Americans, one of the most disgusting moments has to have been when the Supreme Court ordered Florida to stop counting the votes. (If only they’d stopped Florida from counting yesterday’s votes – damn!)

  • CityTime

    Kanye West WAS a pea-brain for that line. Bush and Condie Rice were practically married. And no Pres. or ex-Pres. has done more good for combating AIDS in Africa than Bush.

  • afrolito

    What does this story have to do with gays or gay issues?

  • samthor

    George Bush DIDN’T care about Black people, or Brown people, or Gay people, Red People, Mulism people or even Women people.

    The man is responsible for ignoring the warning signs of 9/11, fabricating reasons to go to war, ignoring Katrina victims, a record setting deficit, and flushing our economy down the toilet… among other things.

    THIS is what bothers him? Some rapper’s comments?

  • Xtincta

    So you mean to tell me he’s more upset about a comment from one random person than the poor performance of the people he hired to handle that situation? Furthermore if Kanye West had said George didn’t care about gay people (which he doesn’t) then I doubt anyone on here would be calling Kanye out of his name. Yes Kanye can be blunt and an ass at times but he was entitled to his opinion. It’s certainly not like it was without merit.


    Guess the truth hurts. I still remember in a 2001 interview, when it was brought up to Bush about how record few African-Americans voted for him, and he responded…and I quote: “I’m going to be their president, whether they vote for me or not.”

    Good on Kanye for being able to find *the right words* to eat at Bush, and to make it stick.

  • JustWatching

    Ever notice Kanye West’s face looks as stupid as the statements he makes and as blank as the “music” he writes?

  • JustWatching

    And yes, like it or not, the Bushes have been more successful in battling AIDS in Africa than any other American, period.

  • reason

    As if AIDS in Africa is the primary or even a secondary concern of African Americans. That would be like Obama sending bailouts to the rest of the world doing nothing here and then equating it to caring about the American public. Top that off with it being Laura’s idea to push AIDS funding down there. The problem with Bush was that when he saw suffering he felt something was not right but that is about as far as it went. He doesn’t have the ability to empathize with anyone that is not in his own social bubble. Considering the situation took place at an emotional charged time where people were drowning in front of West’s face I can give him leeway in saying that Bush doesn’t care about black people instead of saying Bush doesn’t care about anyone that is not his own. If someone bombed a large gay rally and law enforcement was sitting on their hands watching people bleed to death what would be the comments on here. If Bush’s pals were drowning in Texas he would have flown Marine One down there and used it as a rescue helicopter. Bush summed up who he cared about at a fundraiser in front of some of the wealthiest Americans in this country, he said “this is an impressive crowd the haves and the have mores, some people call you the elite, I call you my base.” If you are an American that falls into the haves you have his love if not well…

  • bobito

    @JustWatching: you can say that as often as you like, it does not make it true. More money was spent combating AIDS in Africa during his presidency, but much of it was allotted to abstinence-only prevention propaganda, which was no more helpful in stemming the epidemic rates of infection than the pope’s propaganda was.

  • alan brickman

    600 million for abstinenece in Africa???

  • The Artist

    Yikes! Poor Kanye can’t get a break. Now George Bush is after him…. YIKES! Maybe we should bring Bush back! PEACELUVNBWILD!

  • JustWatching

    Bobito : The Bushes have done even more in Africa after his presidency than during it. Even Bono has had to admit their impact. So why would Kanye (who fatally sent his own mother to a plastic surgeon with an office over a ….hardware store?) open his puss to say “..Bush don’t care ’bout black people..”?

  • Sexy Rexy

    @afrolito: It gives the GWMs on this forum a reason to snark about black folks, even if he did diss a douchebag like Dubya…LOL, not that they really need a reason.

  • todd

    It matters because many consider Kanye such a closet case…Who apparently was unaware Condleeza Rice was black. Or he forgot because she had more balls and decorum than he’ll ever have. As a side note…many people in the media discussed a uncomfrotable relationship between Bush and Rice as far as his wife Laura was concerned.

  • Baxter

    Isn’t being disliked by Kanye a badge of honor?

  • Matt

    LOL… could only wish that more would kick Bush in the balls with a good truth. Yes I am disgusted by you too George, the hatered you created and promoted toward minority groups during your political rampage years in Texas and then your distruction of American freedoms and unity is a scare that will never grow over…

  • Brian Miller

    Gosh, I bet the million or so dead civilians murdered by Bush’s invasion in Iraq (as confirmed by the WikiLeaked government reports) would wish their biggest problem was being insulted by a celebrity if they were still alive.

    Republican sociopaths are so pathetic. Nothing is ever their fault, and destroying the lives of others is “no big deal,” even as they bawl like spoiled children over perceived slights.

  • afrolito

    I love how so many in here keep harping on his record of aid for AIDS in Africa, as if that has anything to do with black people in America. Black people in America and africans are not interchangeable.

    The same goes for white americans and europeans.

  • bobito

    @afrolito: agreed. I also find it strange how some commenters here think that his close relationship with stinking rich Condoleeza Rice somehow negates the statement that he doesn’t care about black people. As if a racist cracker had never taken a dark-skinned mistress in this country! (not that I believe Dr. Rice actually was his mistress, but even if she was, it doesn’t change the fact that Bush was completely lacking in any kind of empathy for any people other than the über-rich)

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